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John R. Mayne
John R. Mayne
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Aug. 31, 2011
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Came in second in Australian Bridge bidding forum in 2013.

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Convention Cards in NABC+ events
I’m for this rule change. As it stands, uneven enforcement of the rules is sufficient if the penalties were made sufficient. A brief application of a Taser to one or two people who won’t cough up a card would be motivational. I recognize some people think this is ...
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: 4 K82 AJ754 AKJ4
I think this is much closer than the vote count.
Open letter to Robb Gordon
David, this is the ACBL rule as I understand it. We play an unusual defense to strong notrumps in balancing seat - we balance with any five-card suit (playing DONT in direct.) We alert the balances, but not the passes - and this is the rule. This is nuts, of course - at ...
Open letter to Robb Gordon
Neat! I have some experience in this field. In the 1990's I played a very effective split system white v. red, which had a lot of the same key elements - 8-12 4-card major openings with strong canape tendencies, semi-strong club with transfer responses, negative free bids, other stuff that ...
Poker and Computers/AI
The manner in which poker is being solved does depend on horsepower - they ran a lot of hands against each other and had it learn iteratively. But bridge's computer problem is not primarily a horsepower problem, I think. We can give any available bridge program a million computers and ...
Another online NABC, another proposed system to play with the GIBs
Fun! I'm a long-time bot whomper. I disagree on some things: 1. Open every hand. You have a massive declarer's advantage. Sure, it sometimes doesn't work, but it works more than it doesn't. 2. I have not had good results with opening four-card majors. Opening 3-card ...
Bot Forum: Are Bots too Human?
I don't agree with Michal; this auction is correct at matchpoints with the bots even if partner is an unpassed hand. Rigal's Rule in real life is to deny a four-card major if you have six, and you should definitely do it against the bots. (I've only ...
Tough bidding challenge for BOTH partners
It's flat-earth controversial, perhaps, but there's no controversy in the comments. It's a good hand, and I'd expect some people to open it 2C, but virtually no experts would do so. Complex 3-suiters do not start well with 2C. I think all auctions start: 1 ...
WBF Leaves International Olympic Committee
I was on the hook. Good one!
Unusual Opening Lead by GIB
No. This is just not true. The bots aren't conspiring against Leo or any of the other high-performing botmasters. Isn't. Happening. The explanations given by the above commenters about the change in software are correct.

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