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Jonathan Cohn
Jonathan Cohn
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Jan. 31, 2011
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Feb. 23
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Bridge Player
about me

I live in North East Wyoming and enjoy playing bridge.  When I'm not at the table, I like playing games with my kids who are 11, 10, and 4.

United States of America

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The House of Cards and The Omaha Bridge Studio
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Gold Life Master
Cohn Clements Buckwalter
Precision with artificial positives. We upgrade bal hands w/good 5cd suits
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Jonathan and Billy
2 over 1
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Cohn - Reetz 2/1
[big]2 over 1[big]
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Does anybody dislike 2/1?
I don't much care for taxes either.
Fast Spingold
I always liked that at money games at TGR in London, overtricks in undoubled contracts didn't matter. This makes for fast claims. Perhaps a new form of scoring could reflect the same. TGR imp scale.
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
The current rules need to be enforced. Is this difficult and uncomfortable for directors? I am sure it is. That doesn't mean they should be excused from doing it. More slow play penalties would speed up the game.
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: 873 K KQJT93 A84
Secretly wish I was playing good-bad 2NT?
ACBL Legal playing Open+ Chart?
I should have asked for the range and how they followup. I don't think most pairs have an expected minimum for 1NT forcing. I didn't have a problem with the call. Thinking back on it, I wonder how they handle the call if responder can be this weak ...
ACBL Legal playing Open+ Chart?
I should have asked about an expected range. I did ask for more information, but was told essentially a second time that it was like a 1NT forcing bid.
Match length for the 10K Knockouts in Columbus?
I have been perusing the Conditions of Contest and it looks like matches will be shortened and initially include multi-ways. The 0-6 Spin is a Monday to Saturday event. The 0-10K is guaranteed to be done in three days. Here is the link to the COC. ...
Opening a 4-Card Major in 3rd/4th seat?
At least this situation is somewhat better under the new charts.
2!d Opening to Show a Balanced 18-19 HCP?
Mind posting the hand? Some might enjoy seeing the auction too.
Opening a 4-Card Major in 3rd/4th seat?
Playing precision partner opens all 11's, so often when I bid in third I know chances of game are remote. Since my 1 could be short, I try and make my best lead director. This is often a 4-card major. i.e. AK109, Qxx, Kxx, Jxx

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