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Jonathan Ferguson
Jonathan Ferguson
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Jonathan Ferguson is suspended indefinitely from Bridge Winners . Reason: making too many political, rude, and offensive comments

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June 21, 2011
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July 10, 2016
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing bridge in Reno back in 1991-1993
Bridge Accomplishments
Most mps @ Ottawa Regional back in 1999 (I think it was '99)
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2-way reverse drury
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Silver Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Sexism In Bridge
John, If a moderator comes on here and gives the go-ahead to a LENGTHY off-topic conversation on a very controversial issue, I'll be MORE THAN HAPPY to continue. For you to pretend you DON'T see people actively trying to have my posts deleted because they're 'off-topic' is ...
Sexism In Bridge
Paul & John: I'm not going to discuss race at length (or any further.) Someone else brought it up. I issued a single-link rebuttal. I wish it had stayed there. Someone else made a post about my link. So I replied. But that's as far as I'm going ...
Sexism In Bridge
Speaking of footwear (and possibly on-topic)
Sexism In Bridge
Of course it's not restricted to Sweden (in case anybody felt like I was picking on Sweden.) Just reading the comments section gives me hope. Jeannie, if your house is on fire, it might not be the best time to focus on ...
Sexism In Bridge
I assure you that the community members in here were in the part that isn't "for the most part." Because all Bridge Winners are brilliant, attractive & rational. I thought that went without saying.
Sexism In Bridge
Charles, Max's attempt to censor truth & stifle rational discussion both beautifully illustrates my point & demonstrates why I chose the Time link in the first place. HTH
Mitch Towner: Poker and Bridge Winner on Same Day
Cool beans. Hook 'em! Last hand or not, I think pocket tens were definitely your hand of the final table.
Sexism In Bridge So anyway, "Have you continued to ride through red lights?" Much less frequently than I used to. I used to treat red lights as stop signs ( .) I got pulled over for it in May (visiting ...
Sexism In Bridge
Marion, On things I'm grateful for, there are too many to list. But I'm really really thankful for the many blessings I have. As to how I made Idå sound ... how did Idå make 'the vast majority of men' sound? When I was in my 20's I ...
Sexism In Bridge
Amazing what obvious & predictable results will surprise people, Jeff.

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