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Nov. 8, 2013
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Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
It also can't handle Home Style Pairs or 2 1/2 table movements.
Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
It is not the speed that is the issue, it is a void in understanding of how computers, the digital age, and technology now drive businesses both from an admin and customer perspective. Leadership has never fully understood the technology age. If anything, they have a grasp on the mainframe ...
Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
Interesting to say the least. While the service (site) appears to still be a work in progress, team uploads fail over 50% of the time for at least one portion of the service.
Live 4 Clubs and USEBIO files
You are supposed to be uploading the ACBL Score file and then optionally bridge mate file and or pbn. Why would you want to upload other file types?
League nights
While I agree the math works, the club perspective is one of those away games may result in a player of your club deciding he or she likes the other club better and or that playing at multiple clubs is nice and they decrease the number of times they play ...
League nights
From my limited experience of only playing for 5 years and running a club for 4 years, clubs my area are too greedy to think about letting 1 player play somewhere else other then their club. They have zero long term thinking for how to increase profits or the will ...
questions for club owners
1. Unit 171, we have a new president. Things still are not great, but a vast improvement. Prior, the previous two presidents, their mantra was to destroy our club. The unit acted as a protectorate of the two largest clubs in the unit. It would appear their goal was to ...
Replace SAYC
What is not known is why you are teaching bridge. The answer to that may impact the method you use. If you make a living teaching bridge and you want to put your student through as many classes as possible, a good plan may be to start with LBIAD, then ...
Replace SAYC
Well thought out! My thinking at the moment is more leaning with teaching absolute beginners Precision. I am frustrated by the retention rate of our beginner classes. While there may be a lack of others paying the system, if you are going to make the change, you have to make ...
FOREX Challenges
Chris, I think you hit the nail on the head, the problem with ACBL is they don't know what they are all about. Clearly they are not focusing on fixing the issues relating to Duplicate Bridge related things. Perhaps they are focusing on other Contract bridge things....

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