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Jonathan Mestel
Jonathan Mestel
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Oct. 8, 2015
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May 23
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about me

The picture lies - I have no hair or snakes any more.

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Debbie Rosenberg's bidding problem: 75 AQJT98653 6 T
Wish I could do this at the table.
Nursery Rhymes
Hey, I saw that rhyme first! (see below).
Nursery Rhymes
[code] 98 7643 AKJ5 963 754 K J95 Q108 J98643 Q72 Q J108754 AQJ10632 AK2 VOID AK2 [/code] Sing a song of six spades A pocket full of rye. One and twenty Miltons South's hand was almost high When Q it was tabled South began to sing And settled ...
An Amusing Matchpoint Result from Monaco
1 (Precision) opened on my right passed round to partner who doubled. Opener rebid 4 and with a scattered 10 count I decided to double. Dummy hit with two key cards and my opening lead let through the third overtrick for -890. 3 IMPS in. Partner thought he ...
TD who Knows their Onions
Nice one Barry. That reminds me of a correspondence chess game, which began 1 d4 "g6 and whatever you play I'll reply Bg7". The game ended 2 Bh6, Bg7 3 Bxg7.
On computer versus hand shuffling
Yes, but the way I suggested you only go down if you suffer an immediate ruff, which is much less likely, especially given the lack of a singleton lead.
On computer versus hand shuffling
Aren't you still off if N switches to a heart after winning Q? I suspect you should play a to the J after QJ.
Tom Townsend's bidding problem: JT876 J Q843 AJ2
I bid 2 and pass partner's (forcing) 2 rebid. He can have a good 3514 in our methods.
procedural penalty
In some games, no quarter is given.
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
There is a practical point which many above do not seem to have considered. When RHO bids what you expect to be the final contract and the tray comes under the screen, if you and screenmate pass, the tray goes back and the other two, INCLUDING RHO, will pick up ...

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