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Jonathan Steinberg
Jonathan Steinberg
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July 15, 2010
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Alex Hudson, Mike Kenny, David Sabourin
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Hazel's Bridge Club
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Penticton, Puerto Vallarta, all Mid-Atlantic Regionals
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NABF and WBF Positions Open
Perhaps it was an underhanded way of stopping Rona from being President for life? Instead of voting him out, they created an age limit to disqualify him (shortly). Perhaps it recognizes that Octogenarians are not the leaders the dying game of bridge needs nor would they be best to appeal ...
ACBL Losing Millions
It does seem incredible that the ACBL would offer some sort of sweetheart Regional At Sea deal to someone they wanted to kick off the ACBL Board (2014 - a 5 year deal). Frankly, it is incomprehensible to me. No one has given me any reasonable explanation for what was done ...
ACBL Losing Millions
If the ACBL were a restaurant or clothing store... and they had to raise its prices due to gross mismanagement, we could take our business elsewhere. But if we want to play competitive duplicate bridge, we have few choices. The ACBL is a monopoly. It is a sad state of ...
ACBL Losing Millions
The rather dry litigation report does not reveal much information. I would like to emphasize, for the record, that the Bruce Blakely case does NOT refer to allegations of cheating or unethical behaviour at the bridge table. Totally different issues.
In the Well: Russ Jones
I have been impressed with your responsiveness and ACBL Pres FB page (sorry, I'm not on twitter). Many of your goals such as Strength of Field (SoF) for masterpoint awards are a must. The current system is a shambles -- stand alone Open Pairs pay little; if there is a ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Which is an excellent reason why Mr. Blubaugh has not responded. He was suspended a few days ago and his comment removed when he basically posted a threat against me that was flagged! The sad history of cheating at bridge can be found at: ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
The obvious and simple solution if someone has a physical handicap that prevents them from shuffling cards in ACBL Swiss & KO matches (without seeing who is dealt the Ace of Spades!) is to NOT shuffle. Whether your fingers were bitten by a hog, you have arthritis or any other condition ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Gary, very quickly (leaving for Charleston, SC awesome New Years Regional :), it was always a struggle getting the Board to pass progressive legislation. Usually took several meetings(sometimes years -- see raising senior age from 55 to 60). Equally so regarding "sensitive" issues. I always argued for transparency and publishing the ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
From Wikipedia Cheating in bridge: John Blubaugh, 2000: Suspension, denial, and legal proceedings "The American Contract Bridge League made a brief announcement about a conduct matter during the recent Spring Nationals in Kansas City, Mo. It said that John Blubaugh, a bridge teacher and ...
Lanzarotti Readmitted to ACBL
Randy, yes, Rona was reelected in Orlando. There were three candidates: Rona, Al Levy and Yves Aubry from France. I had always found Yves very responsive when I asked him questions and very positive on many issues, including the cheating file. Nonetheless, despite history, Al Levy received but two votes ...

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