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Jordan Lampe
Jordan Lampe
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June 17, 2015
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about me

Random brige player in New York City.  If you like backgammon, check out my site:

United States of America

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Rafael Sacramento's bidding problem: KQT653 J872 8 74
What is 2-2-2?
Benny Abramov's bidding problem: AJ94 KT5 T7 AQ75
The three rules for a 4-card suit overcall at the 1 level are: 1. You have opening strength 2. There is no other applicable call 3. The 4 card suit is very strong. 1 and 2 clearly apply. Is AJ9x "very strong"? Not for me, but it's not insane ...
Lin Li's bidding problem: AKJT32 764 KJ 85
I can see showing the good spade suit before showing the heart raise, but bidding it TWICE without showing the hearts?
Paul D East's bidding problem: JT6 K87 864 KJ87
East's failure to bid implies shortness in majors, so maybe partner is trying to show 4-4 majors? Quite a leap to take undiscussed, though. I can't think of anything better than Davis' comment above.
Daniil Tsvetkov's bidding problem: K9 8 KJ8752 AT43
Double is the only way to get to 3NT, and you can bid clubs over any spade bid CHO attempts to make.
I don't need to. 6NT is a command to stop the auction. It's really quite easy.
Personally I'd apply Kit Woolsey's rule here: If somebody jumps to slam, the auction is over. This is kind of like the 2nd option, except Opener's opinion is not required at this point.
Taming the Weak Notrump, part 2
What am I supposed to do with a balanced yarb in 4th seat after 1NT-X-2 (to play) ?
Ping Hu's bidding problem: KQ3 AJ95 2 J8643
You have amazing support, a singleton, and an ace as well. Your hand got a lot better knowing there are 5 spades over there.
Toni Vidovic's bidding problem: JTx J98 T JT87xx
I would do whatever I was planning on doing when I chose to bid 3.

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