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Jordan Lampe
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June 17, 2015
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Live in New York City, starting bridge again after a 15 year hiatus. 

United States of America

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The Death of 4-Session KO's
You get match wins for swiss also. I might say "same number of masterpoints" rather than "peers".
The Death of 4-Session KO's
Doesn't this also apply to Swiss?
Comparable Call Issue
Is it ever legal for "partner (to) be aware it's very likely a psyche" ?
The Death of 4-Session KO's
As mentioned elsewhere, bracketing has serious problems if your goal is to get good but not world-class players into bridge.
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
If you play (1M)-1NT as Raptor, what implications does that have for a balancing 1NT (that is (1M)-P-(P)-1NT) ? Is that still 12-15 (or whatever) balanced, or does that now show the Raptor shape?
Unnatural One-Notrump Overcalls
Don't you end up wrongsiding NT when Advancer has the stopper? Or is the assumption that once an opponent opens, 3NT is out of the picture?
What are your responses if playing Ogust?
"Hearts is Hand"
Unusual Avoidance
On Page 6, you consider the hypothetical play of leading the T our of hand, and if West covers, to win in dummy. Why not duck when West covers? If West started with KQx(x) it's the same. If West started with Qx(xx) and East fails to overtake ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: A QTxx AKQxxx Ax
It looks to me like if Pard has a useful card (!KC or !AH say), that they are going down 1 in 4, and we are making 5. [I am assuming here that only 1 diamond trick is cashing]. If Pard doesn't have a useful card, they ...
Martin Lindfors's bidding problem: AQ63 A753 J KQ75
Since 1NT here shows 12-15, this seems more like a double and bid NT hand?

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