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March 19, 2013
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And the Winner Is...
And, yes, Mr Stearns, also the World Cup, the FIBA cup, even the Olympic games are based on zones. Nevertheless, every country receives one spot for team events.
And the Winner Is...
What I really don't get, mr Stearns, is why every comment from you comes with an aggression. This is a national Team competition, except for the US, the whole world comits to one team per country. That seems fair, and that seems reasonable. If you insist that the USA ...
And the Winner Is...
As far as I know this is the 44th World Team Championship. I coudn't find the Zonal Championship anywhere. I wonder if the poles and the Dutch really feel they are representing their zone. If so, ¿why play a final match if they already won? They should go for ...
And the Winner Is...
No, I'm not one of the 300 Mexican duplicate players. Nevertheless, I believe that every country should send their best team, which, in fact, means there is no USA 2, because USA 2 was defeated by USA 1. I simply believe there is a mistake somewhere, which is probably ...
And the Winner Is...
I only have one question: ¿Why does the USA get to bring 2 teams to the World Championship?
3H Overcall
Was this (not) funny enough?
Unorthodox bidding has, I would guess, maybe 20%-30% chance of success. I would not file a recorder form or even start the discussion. Bridge, as well as most games, has a certain amount of luck involved and this time you were in the wrong side. Move on. All of ...
Hool - A Prelude to Bridge
I've been a bridge teacher myself, and bidding was totally avoided until - guess what - people who loved the card playing began asking for it. And they did learn, mostly by themselves, with some useful guides and lots of questions. My point is, focus on card play, the beauty of ...
The History of History (Part 1)
BTW, Billy Mitchell, besides the man who predicted Pearl Harbour attack 17 years early, is also a guy who was accused of cheating in Donkey Kong and other video games, and lost all his titles. Just amusing trivia found while checking wikipedia.
But is bridge Fun?
I combine bridge and golf and, certainly, they have more in common than expected. In golf you struggle all the time, you need a lot of time to make a small improvement, wind, rain, and other externalities make it harder and more challenging. In my case, maybe once in three ...
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