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April 19, 2017
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March 13
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Play in 6NT
If W has the 4th club and the Q, they’ve been show-up squeezed before the decision point, so playing for the drop appears to only lose to E 4=1=4=4. W has made a pretty unbelievable false card from QT9xxx if that is the lie (it seems ...
Play in 6NT
It appears if you cash the J also, you won’t be able to cross back to dummy to cash the K without breaking up the / squeeze I think.
The Most Important Card
If declarer holds something like xx AKQxxxx Qx Ax, don’t we need to come out a low at trick 2? We still need partner to hold the 2, but now this is the only way to break communication before we establish the Q to pitch the losing club ...
13 tops but how do you get there?
Yeah, sorry my rounding was a bit crude for those. I was just giving admittedly rough estimates.
13 tops but how do you get there?
Not knowing about the J or 10 doesn’t really mean you should assume p doesn’t have it. You just have to factor it into your estimation of the probability. If we know p has 5 clubs and one of them is the A, there are 9 relevant clubs ...
Plan the play
What if W has started with 7 xxx KJxxxxx AK? We win the A and now must play 3 rounds of trump before end-playing W on the club exit. This is a more specific and less likely holding than the suggested one, so I imagine your suggested line is superior ...
David Stevenson's bidding problem: KQ32 Q AQ875 975
Give p a minimum balanced hand like Axx xxx Kxxx Axx and we are making 4 and they may well make 3 if both are sane and bidding some shape. I expect p would have already doubled with chunky hearts and similar shape.
This Layout Never Happens In The Real World.
It seems the main argument is that anyone in hearts will be making 12 tricks here regardless of the position so at MPs, we need to play for 12.
A "What's this double?" from the world junior online championship
To me it sounds like I have a double fit with my RHO (which means my partner has a double fit with my LHO), and they have nowhere to go. Nothing about the auction tells me that this hand type is at all unlikely.
GNT D. 22 GNT Fiasco. The official ruling
The comparison to poker doesn’t hold a lot of water considering the massive discrepancy in the number of employees. For every 9 players the WSOP has to pay a dealer for every hour that there are people playing. There are no dealers at bridge tournaments last I checked. They ...
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