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Josh Sher
Josh Sher
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Basic Information

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Aug. 3, 2010
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13 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge geek, who once spent my week on the beach in Tahiti learning a strong pass relay system in order to fill in for someone for one session during my vacation in New Zealand.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the Semi-finals of the US team trials the one time I played in them.
Bridge Accomplishments
I Won a Club Game Once.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Simple Club
Strong Club, variable ranges (All bids are stronger opposite a passed hand)
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TOSR - Symmetric Relay with xfer openings, stronger actions opposite PH
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NABC Online Pledge: Join Me With a Camera?
How do I go to the bathroom?
HOOL in the time of the corona virus
What would Gabriel Garcia Marquez say?
Your Play to win 9 Tricks?
Yes, definitely would need to unblock the ten on that line. Could be an improvement, although could suddenly have 3 diamond losers... I do know i am betting the whole hand On the J being well placed....
Your Play to win 9 Tricks?
Well, my instinct is to win trick 1 and lead a low diamond toward the ten. If LHO has the J, he will have to win and then help me on the next trick
The Vacant Spaces Trap
Nice article. I remember 20 years ago when I was still an inexperienced player, I played a hand in 3N after a 1N 3N auction, with a 9 Card fit missing the Q, lefty led a 4 card minor so I hooked him for the Q in the 9 card ...
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
Well, actually the Nobel lie was done in Asia. They convinced everyone that they should wear masks for their own safety, in order to achieve the socially optimal outcome of slowing the spread....
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
I am pretty willing to make the following bet: consider being somewhere with 9 other people A. I wear a mask and the 9 don’t B. The 9 wear a mask and I don’t Your likelihood of getting the virus in A >> in B Your wearing a mask ...
I Got Coronavirus Playing Bridge
A. Doug, Thank god you got better B. Can you teach me the Jedi mind trick? Somehow, Eugene didn’t think this post was about the coronavirus and instead of moving this to the side coronavirus forum where it would get less visibility it got promoted to a feature article ...
NAP in Summer, GNT in Fall
I did not think that’s established ... there are definitely many cases in Florida. There have been a surprisingly low number of casss in SE Asia and Africa, but perhaps that’s because that are not not identified....anyway, let’s hope it slows.
Mea Culpa
I am glad you came to your senses. Stay safe, and help others stay safe and make it through this crisis. We all love you. :)

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