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Josh Sher
Josh Sher
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 3, 2010
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Jan. 26
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Bridge Player
about me

I am a bridge geek, who once spent my week on the beach in Tahiti learning a strong pass relay system in order to fill in for someone for one session during my vacation in New Zealand.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Making the Semi-finals of the US team trials the one time I played in them.
Bridge Accomplishments
I Won a Club Game Once.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Simple Club
Strong Club, variable ranges (All bids are stronger opposite a passed hand)
Copy to my cards View/Print
TOSR - Symmetric Relay with xfer openings, stronger actions opposite PH
Copy to my cards View/Print
Better response structure to 1M openings allowing responded to make short suit game tries without losing Jacoby + bergen/mixed raise.
Dead on arrival? 3NT is in fact almost 50%. The challenge is to bid to the correct game....
Brink-Drijver become Swiss
Two shows ,Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. Folks, we will have a triple bill
Crunch Time
I do not know what is in someone else’s heart. I do not know, what influences there choices, I am not in their shoes. I refuse to condem someone for taking a different action than what I think is morally just. That will not stop me from praising an ...
District 9 (Florida) GNT final
Yeah , or in some cases fly. In the regions I played in the GNT the games were within an hour of where I lived. In Florida , it’s 5 hours away. When I lived in Albuquerque, they alternated between Denver and Vegas, and let’s just say the GNTs were ...
District 9 (Florida) GNT final
I can give you my statistics: When I lived in DC, I played in the GNTs every year When I lived n Albuquerque , I never played in them When I lived in LA , I played in them every year When I lived in NY, I played in them my one ...
Bridge Player Archetypes
I too am in the vacation conscious group, if that means A. I have a limited amount of vacation B. I can’t use all of it on bridge for numerous reasons Hence I am very selective n the events I go to, mostly go to places that I can ...
Poll Regarding Drop-Ins from Soloway to Blues
I am in favor of allowing drop ins, although I think their carryover should be minimal. The carryover will be deflated by the finals, but they should at least require one good day in the event to make the finals.
My Journey in Bridge
This is very well written. I hope you continue to pursue writing as well as bridge!
Not Losing Money on NABCs
Well, I decided to add an additional like. I personally think Chris’s proposal was too complicated, and he didn’t explain initially that it could make entries for most people lower, if that was desired, but I like the fact that we are seriously discussing pricing models for how ...
Not Losing Money on NABCs
Right now, if I entered a national event, and happened to win too many matches, I would have to: A, buy a new plane ticket home. As this plane ticket is one way, and last minute, it’s pretty expensive B. Pay for extra nights hotel. Again, the hotel rate ...

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