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Joshua Donn
Joshua Donn
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Basic Information

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July 3, 2010
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11 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

I nearly flunked out of college playing so much, won a few things, left my job to play professionally, and haven't looked back. Even my family has mostly come on board. I also do some work for BBO.

I like kibitzing and talking about hands with great players. When I do l, I always try to learn something.

Check out the book at the link below! More to come.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the Blue Ribbon Pairs with Clee!
Bridge Accomplishments
World Junior Team champion 2006, 4x NABC champion
Regular Bridge Partners
Roger Lee, Sally Meckstroth, Drew Casen, Sheri Winestock, Barbara Kasle, Brenda Jacobus, many others.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Las Vegas Bridge World
Favorite Tournaments
Pretty much all as long as I am playing
Favorite Conventions
Support doubles, 5NT pick-a-slam, weak 2 bid in diamonds
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Weak two?
Do you subtract an ace in response to Blackwood when you are minimum for your prior bidding?
What should east-west have done?
Not vulnerable, definitely. And I wouldn’t even feel badly about it. Especially if it gets me serenaded more often.
What should east-west have done?
This is way too many options without still covering all the bases. Anyway west was totally normal, 3 might already be down. And east underbid throughout.
How would you bid this hand?
I will try this auction. (1) X 2 3 3N 4 4 And then discussed below. For south’s third bid, clearly south is too good for 4. It looks like 4 makes sense, but to me that sounds more like a choice ...
Charlie Chen's bidding problem: KJ7 A972 A9 J942
I see this as a perfect example of when being vulnerable at IMPs matters. Like, we don't really have extra, but it could be worse, and really we have no idea how many tricks we will or won't take, so it's worth a shot. Also the 9s ...
Marshall Miles
I partnered him for a couple years. One of his favorite leads was the honor from Qxx or Kxx of dummy’s suit on an auction like 1 p 1 p 3N. So one time he led the queen of spades on that auction from Qxx. Dummy was ...
Apparently it's OK to psych 2c at online regionals
3NT doesn’t make on a heart lead. Hearts were 4-4
How should the director adjust on BBO?
Let me try this instead. I am in 7NT, four card ending. Ace of spades and AJT of hearts in dummy, small spade and Kxx of hearts in hand. I know hearts were 5-2 and therefore which way I will finesse. One opponent has four hearts left, the other has ...
Episode 18: Anam Tebha
I have a somewhat similar but slightly different recollection of the mixed swiss. On the second day we played Anam’s team in the fourth round, not the last round. I think they did beat us by a little, as she said. The second half of the day, we were ...
Pass over preempt, then double a raise
Once in an important event, I tried raising my partner my partner’s 2D opening to 3D on a singleton. LHO found a double with 4531 and RHO passed with four diamonds (you would think it would have been even more effective when my partner had five.) I ran from ...

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