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Judith Tobin
Judith Tobin
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BB 2007
Different auction at our table with a 1H overcall, 2D by partner, 3D cue raise in hearts. Do I just bid 5D? I bid 4 on the basis I was showing a real suit (1D might only be 3). But I think the problem is it conveys willingness to defend ...
Board 27, 28 May
We had a very bad night on Tuesday but did get to game on this hand. I generally open 1D if 4/4 in minors but as the clubs were so good I opened them. They overcalled 1D, pard 1S, 2D on my right. I doubled, I think a support ...
Board 24 May 28 Sweden vs Netherlands
We played 2S down 2. Same auction but partner repeated her spades hoping for some tolerance from me.
Board 14, May 21 - Sweden vs. Netherlands
Guilty on 2 fronts. First by opening a pusillanimous 3S and playing there and second by only making 10. RHO falsecarded with the SQ on the first round but I don’t think that should matter.
Bd 15 Sweden vs Netherlands 21/5
Yes I deeply regretted only bidding 3. Was worried I was being too unilateral but I should have. At least I didn’t push on to the 5 level.
Bd 8 Sweden vs Netherlands 22/5
We were also in the awful 3D. I noticed one expert pair elected to open 1NT by West. Quite a NT type hand and the 6 card suit is poor. They stayed lower - 2D.
BOARD ASSIGNMENTS, Bermuda Bowl -May 14, 2019
Could you please do Board 7? I was unable to play this week. Thanks
Bd 2 BB May 7th Netherlands vs USA 2
This was a bit sad for us. Felicity also overcalled 4C over the 1S opening, pass by W. Guess I should have passed but I bid 4D. Partner now bid 4S! and W doubled. I passed, partner bid 5D and this was doubled two off.
Board 13 USA2 vs Netherlands May 7
The robots killed us on this hand - 4H making 5. Club lead, spade to ace, ruff a club, pitch a diamond on the SK then they ducked a club to me. I could have cashed one but exited a heart to the ace and no more tricks. Yuk!
Hand 16 Forum May 7
This was interesting- we were overboard. A balancing 1NT shows 11-14 under our agreement, so S doubled. I bid 2H and partner bid 2NT. I bid one more but could see this could be wrong. Ideas for a better auction?
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