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Julia Palmer
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July 15, 2010
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Balicki/Zmudzinski Trigger/Response
Indeed..... There did seems to be a lot more banter than most other matches. Maybe someone else has commented on this and I missed it. Would be interesting to see if this mostly coincides with signalling, or merely random.
Balicki/Zmudzinski Trigger/Response
Very interesting. I watched one video and noted that Z led card in peculiar manner. It was often deliberately led into position where dummy was to be placed, and then he (rather than dummy) very deliberately moved his lead card to quite a different place. This looked odd.... ie why ...
The Alan Truscott Award
Poland's turn - do the right thing!
Thanks for alerting people to law here. (I'm always amazed how few know this!)
Camera position for BB
It's helpful that camera orientation shows South at bottom! In most (all?) previous videos North has been at bottom, so it was dificult to follow if watching play on BBO, and glancing at video from time to time. This is better!
Breaking the Code
I've experienced someone leading singleton, asking to see all the cards again and studying them very carefully for a long time before reluctantly turning their card over. I did wonder (later when position was clear) whether this was an attempt to "wake partner up", but I'm probably wrong ...
Are you making a pass at me?
Have never noticed 17E2. Thanks for highlighting!
Julia Palmer's bidding problem: 3 8732 Q976 QT62
There is no perfect answer here. EW can make 3, 2 and West makes 1. Yes, East raised to 4 with Kxx void xxxx AKJ98x so now running from 4X. Partner's hand is AQTxx KQJTxxxx K void. Some Wests bid 1 rather ...
A very "simple" bidding question! What is 4N in these two auctions?
We agree with your suggestion re 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 2 - 3 now that we have discussed further. (And hearing about the 2 disaster - where perhaps 2 could be a misfitting 10-11 trying to find the best spot, eg xxx KQx AJxxx ...
A very "simple" bidding question! What is 4N in these two auctions?
Thanks all for comments and responses to the poll. I knew that such a simple question would receive clear concise advice. Good point David Burn. I haven't told you what I do and don't know about my partner's hand after 1 - 1 - .... What do ...

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