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Julian Foster
Julian Foster
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Sept. 8, 2015
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May 26
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about me

Grew up and learned bridge in England.  Moved to Australia in 1998 where I have lived since. 

Accountant by training although I now work part time in software as a business analyst.

Was once described (I think fairly accurately) as a "low level expert" - competitive at National level but would be lucky to make International level!  Defense is my favourite part of the game - so many subtle inferences and signals available if both partners are fully switched on.

Been active in bridge admin for many years - on assorted Club, State and National committees both in England and Australia.


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A few National tournament wins in Australia, frequent State representative in National championships.
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Sydney Bridge Centre
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What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
Bridgemates also give endless scope for time wasting. 1. Messing around entering stuff at the start of the hand before leading or, better still, before putting dummy down (they only have the entire rest of the hand to do the data entry!) 2. Poring over other results (admittedly that isn ...
What Are We Going To Do About Slow Play?
For many Australian tournaments (including many club congresses) we have software that generates a display on the projector screens during the session. It shows average number of boards completed, and it lists all tables which are more than 1 behind that as "Slow tables". Within that list it also highlights ...
Julian Foster's bidding problem: Axx AQJTxxx Ax A
My partner bid 5H at the time which does seem to be the clear majority call. My hand was 109xx xx Qx 109xxx Opener had a 4432 11 count and the 5D bidder a 2065 shape. 5H ended up 1 off. I felt the vulnerability here might point more towards ...
Most Pervasive "Bridge Club Myths" re Bidding?
Not understanding ranges in response to takeout doubles. I've frequently seen auctions where one player makes a takeout double of an opening bid. The other responds at the 1 level on an 11 count, the takeout doubler "invites" on their 15 count and they reach a normal game, blissfully ...
How do you play redouble here?
2 is most definitely natural (2 would be a cue raise). I can easily have a good solid H suit here and East have 4 small. Then again I thought we knew what XX meant and discovered we both "knew" something different!
Double game swing - assign the blame
For what it's worth, I was born, grew up, and learned bridge in England (and was friends with Frances when I lived in Cambridge in the 1990's - which is why she knows this!) I moved to Australia in 1998 where I have lived since - although I have remained ...
Double game swing - assign the blame
This was from recent Australian Mixed team trials. So although both Dave and I might frequently "bid like girls" (cue moral outrage from posters without sense of humour), on this occasion we were not partnering each other!
Double game swing - assign the blame
XX was described (after the auction) as showing 14-15. I typed this in when creating the auction but it doesn't seem to be showing up.
No Alert
No adjustment. I think E should have bid 4S regardless. But I cannot see W doing any more. Very hard to get to 6C.
Should we have taken the push?
My experience of stop cards in England years ago was that when the next player had a problem they thought for a lot longer than the 10 seconds required anyway; and when they didn't have a problem they looked around the room, looked bored, and made it completely obvious ...

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