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Julien Christen
Julien Christen
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Sept. 20, 2015
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about me

"Unbeknownst to most, the world is completely controlled by a single pipe smoking rabbit." Marc Johns


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In the Well: Dennis Bilde
Thank you for being in the well and congratulations on your achievements! I'm very interested in bringing bridge to schools, and I know that the Swiss bridge federation is actively looking for a way to promote bridge and to get more young people interested in the game. Can you ...
Four-suit transfer followed by 3M
We play that 3M shows shortness in the other major, but it shows only 3 cards in the major we bid. 3NT shows shortness in the other minor.
Save an Exit
Thank you very much, it makes perfect sense!
Save an Exit
I'm very interested in your system after the double of your multi 2, but I there is something I don't quite understand... Can you please explain why, with hearts, opener shows them, while he redoubles with spades? I've been thinking about it for some time and ...
Learn Precision in 15 minutes
You could also try playing phantom club: open as if your RHO had opened 1! Every bid at the 1-level is natural and your 1 opening is the same as a take-out double of 1 and can have both majors or any strong hand. May not be ...
Why younger players don't want to learn bridge
I read some of the comment and I stumbled upon this: Not only does it look great, but I think that I could definitely use it to teach new players. They could look at it during the bidding, focusing on the play and learning by ...
LYON 2017 Videos
You can also look at WBFOfficial on youtube:
King please or Jack please? ;)
Alternatively, you can also just say: "Thank you" and watch which card your RHO will pick from dummy...
Julien Christen's bidding problem: T3 KJ874 987 A65
You are right, but this wasn't matchpoint, it was cross-imps, hence my problem with this hand...
Julien Christen's bidding problem: T3 KJ874 987 A65
None. First time playing with a beginner, she wasn't sure about playing it, so we didn't.
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