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Right - I am neither complaining nor proposing changes. Changes affect bidding and play and the forms of competition and, therefore, must be gradual, sound and consensual. I am reacting to two endless concurrent threads. One person expresses 'outrage' because he disagrees with eligibility rules, the other describes a 'debacle' arising ...
Outraged by the USBF
I haven't read every word of this discussion but it appears that the obvious culprit is being ignored, as usual. Bridge is not by nature a team game. Qualify pairs, not teams, and all of the problems raised in this discussion go away. Of course, if you do that ...
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
Yu: Yes, that makes a difference. I would guess that depending upon the strength distribution losing the first round can be an advantage. That it can be a disadvantage - e.g. all teams equally strong - is clear.
Presumably, a Sad State of Affairs?
The advantage of "coming from behind" in Swiss-system matching is well-known but concerns only the last round. If you lose in round 1 and your competitor in round n, both winning the other matches, both are on the same footing in round n+1, if there is a round n ...
Crunch Time
@Roy The F/N case is unambiguous. The CAS decision was an error. Everybody who paid attention agrees. What the outcome of the suggested protest will be is not predictable. Let's hope that in retrospect it will be seen to have set the healing process in motion. Nothing decisive ...
Crunch Time
"...players that in my circles, EVERYONE KNOWS was [sic] cheating." I don't know who knows what. But I do recall that you claimed not to have known that your team-mates, Smirnov and Piekarek, cheated. Brogeland says he didn't know that Fisher and Schwartz cheated, although they were his ...
Crunch Time
Of course, it goes without saying that the facts of each case must be taken into account. However, if the goal is to be 'equal justice', we need laws that remain constant and judges that are not swayed by the momentary mood of the crowd. I agree completely that in ...
Crunch Time
In order to prevent someone from accidentally detaching a fruit on Shabbat, the Sages forbid smelling a fruit that is attached to a tree. (Orach Chaim 336:10) But if you observe your neighbor thus defiling the Shabbat it is not up to you to punish him. That justice is ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Poker declined along with other social games. Women played bridge Wednesday afternoon, men played poker once a month, with neighbors or colleagues or relatives. That has become rare. Bridge and poker in their current form appeal to a different crowd than they did 2 generations back. People have found other ...
What's going wrong with Gatlinburg ??
Here are four effects that will play a role in the near future. 1. The birth rate peaked in the U.S. in 1957. There will be fewer retirees from now on. The decline is drastic - about 30% in the next decade followed by a steady downward trend. 2. Most ...
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