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Sept. 20, 2015
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World Youth Team Championships August 8-18 2018
Re diversity - If you all promise not to draw any unfounded conclusions, I will give you the names of the players in the most recent U.S. Chess Championships: Men: Fabiano Caruana Hikaru Nakamura Wesley So Alex Onischuk Ray Robson Sam Shankland Varuzhan Akobian Jeffery Xiong Alex Lenderman Awonder Liang ...
Judges and Statistics
I strongly agree with Paul and the guidelines of this site that political discussions don't belong here. I thought people might be interested in the problem of making sound decisions based on statistics, in view of the recent court cases. If not, just ignore this. The gerrymandering decisions illuminate ...
Judges and Statistics
"This has nothing to do with cheating ..." You are missing the point, which has to do with the statistical nature of the criteria on which judgments have to be based.
Judges and Statistics
The problem is not solved by inventing phrases to describe fractions of standard deviations. The problem is that this is an obvious Gerrymander: and everybody sees it, but the Court has trouble finding a rationale for defeating the practice, because it ...
Reasonable doubt is not an objective criterion. A person like you, who is familiar with bridge and statistical logic, may see no room for doubt and yet - the judges' point of view may make sense. The lesson to be learned from this and the analogous cases - assuming that there actually ...
Proving Nonrandomness
Proving a negative is no more difficult than proving a positive. The difference is merely syntactical. Demonstrating that an event that could have occurred did, in fact, not occur can be impossible. In the present case the problem was to show that an extremely unlikely occurrence (a person has access ...
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
Are you serious?
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
Somewhere in the description of the natural history of the organism that he calls "committee", Parkinson states that presenting to a committee a proposal to limit its own size or its own prerogatives is invariably futile.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
@Richard Is that consistent with a 24-0-1 vote against him? If you offend somebody - anybody - at least 1 of 25 people will love you for it.
ACBL Chief Executive Dismissed
Speculation without useful information is a popular pastime. So let us exploit the following clues and put 2 and 2 together: 1. The board unanimously hired the guy 2. He received nothing but praise, except from habitual doubters like myself 3. The board unanimously and abruptly dismissed him 4. The ...
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