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"over the shoulder" realtime self-commentary of some boards - Today at 5:30 EST (29 march)
This idea has been implemented by the Chess24 site. They run a very strong tournament with significant cash prizes where the players are supposed to explain what they are doing. Here an example: They also have ...
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
He gives this as a reason for their wonderful successes "during the 60s". So there must have been - what shall we call it? - habituation.
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
Really? Can you tell that your partner has an Ace based on his lead? If so, shouldn't you do something about it?
The bridge genius John Collings (1933-2005)
"During the 60s we had wonderful successes. Jonathan could tell what I had, it wasn’t “telepathy” though, he just knew. He could tell when I was underleading aces." Fisher and Schwartz were good at that too.
Colorado 1st Fatality from Corona-19 Virus- Bridge Player
@Scott Testing is essential for the control of this thing. If you test positive it is necessary to a) alert your contacts b) locate the source of the infection If you trace forward and backward systematically you get results like they did in S. Korea. To do that in the ...
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
This may well happen. However, as you can see from the picture of the opening ceremony, this is a big public happening in a place like Yekaterinburg.
Chess Candidates Tournament Postponed
FIDE is the analogue of the WBF, players are not members of FIDE. There are several excellent websites for chess players, where you can play against people or engines; train tactics, openings, endgames; take lessons; watch videos; access a database of 8 million games, practically any game ever played on ...
It Happened One Day
Here some first-hand information: Minutes of the FSB General Assembly, June 2019 (same text in French and German). In essence: The FSB has accommodated Z. by changing the rules for selection of the national team, now permitting foreign pseudo-residents to play. The FSB ...
How to find the queen?
@Max "Just by thinking of a card and guessing the Q the other way, you really do get 52%." How much do I get if I think of 2 cards at the same time? How much if I think very hard about all 25 cards?
How to find the queen?
So this proves that the player who has the ♦3 does not have a Diamond void. Did I understand that correctly? I am disappointed though, since I was hoping for a proof of the validity of psychokinesis. By thinking hard enough about the ♦3 (or, by symmetry, about any other ...
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