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Oct. 15, 2017
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U31 junior event
Maybe we could also have different sanctioning organizations, WBF, WBA, WBC and IBF ETC to get enough championship belts
Need help with this auction playing basic Transfer Precision
True. OTOH, evaluating (guessing) the actions of the field is also part of the fun.
Need help with this auction playing basic Transfer Precision
I once lost a 50 table pairs event (mixed level field) by bidding 7 that depended on 3-2 trumps. IIRC, I would have scored 11% extra compared to 6NT+1 if the clubs had behaved.
U31 junior event
Aren´t there a bit similar trends both in track and field and cross country skiing World championships? Both are also sports from different era and losing participation to other activities. In Finland the most popular sprt to watch from TV in the age group of under 35 was e-sports ...
Meckwell leaving NICKELL
Tarlo and Deery played for Great Britain (1960´s?) and later for Spain in 1980´s
Seeking Help with Some Problem Hands for Gazzilli
a couple of partial solutions with different problems 1. sacrifice 2NT rebid by responder for this handtype 2. Play "Häxan" version of Gazzilli: - opener´s 2 is either 16+ or 6+ M with any shape: Now responder can bid 2M even with a singleton - openers 2M rebid shows minimum ...
2C-2D-2S-3NT (opponents silent)
We have play played it almost like the way Kieran suggest for 25 years: - 3 a good spade raise, no shortness unless very strong, at least one king. Openers first slam try Is "natural". 3NT asks for the responder to bid cheapest control - 3NT raise, some values, no KIng ...
Ethical, questionable or cheating?
The opponent could have been worth a slam try opposite a 4 card raise
Keycard response with ten trump
We have played KIckback with 3 different different partners since mid 80s. I rememeber exactly 3 disasters. =ne of them was really comical: each partner was asking aces, kings and queens, one with other with as trumps. We landed at 7. But one need very tightly defined ...
ATB - lousy slam
Maybe, but the auction was uncertain and I wanted feedback about it
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