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Jyri Tamminen
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Oct. 15, 2017
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Henry Sun's bidding problem: AQT6 --- KQJ74 AKJ9
we play 3NT, 4, 5 or or diamonds at some level
Zachary Madden's bidding problem: 4 JT74 4 AKQT752
Unless 3 is BBO misclic E is quite likely to have a club void.
Jim Munday's bidding problem: xxx x Jxxx AKQxx
desperately close (at MP, not playing bridge). Even T for the spade finesses (or protecting overruff threat) would change my vote to 4. There is Peg´s horror hand AKxxx, Kx, Qxx, xxx, but there is also AKJxxx Kxx x Jxx... etc We like to bid 3 here ...
Winston Chang's bidding problem: JT8542 K742 6 84
we have always played 3 as invitational with 5+ spades, 2 most often a 4-carder
Thomas Berg's bidding problem: 85 J JT9876 AQJ9
There are definitive advantages in playing this way. But with ♠Txx ♥x ♦AJxx ♣KJxxx there will be some rebid problems if the auction continues with a preemptive spade raise and pass by partner. Or t/o X of 3. Or if raise to 2 is passed to me ...
Mark Bartusek's bidding problem: 98654 8762 KT 65
I agree with Mark here. We could try to solve given problem with OP:s methods. Aren´t all conventions trade off? Every method no matter how good has "unplayable" hands. In yesterdays team game I had weak hand with long clubs with 8 tricks our limit after partners 1NT ...
Which agreement set is better, imps if it matters
3m wide ranging, 3M stopper ask, 4m leaping michaels( a good hand), 1 P 2 2NT = +minor
Jyri Tamminen's bidding problem: 874 KQT2 9864 98
Partner had BWDH xx AJx KQ AKQT9x. Spades were 5-3.If U were to bid 4 would partner dare to bid 4 lest we correct to 5
Dick Wilson's bidding problem: KT2 AJ532 --- AKT95
natural. Still wondering whether my 4 was overbid at matchpoints or not.
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQJ72 J9 T874 8
No, Clearly one could have some other parameters for 3 than solid suit. What would be 1-2; 2-2NT/3-4? Would it deny solid spades and thus show semisolid spades or could it show just solid spades with no high card controls? Then direct ...
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