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Kai-Ching Lin
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Feb. 1, 2012
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Ex-mathematician. I play an Optional Relay Precision - To Relay or Not to Relay is the question.  

United States of America

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How good a 1651 hand needs to be to do 2 over 1 game force?
I assume the simulations were conducted after the auction went: 1-1NT-2. Your result (1) suggests that responder should bid 4? Can this be right?
How would you bid this using your favourite system
We would have a similar relay auction - with balanced hand as Asker and distributional hand the Teller. Pass - 1 (strong) 1 (GF balanced) - 2 (16-18, both majors) 2 (relay) - 3 (5-5 majors) 3 (relay) - 3 (short in clubs) 3 (relay) - 4 ...
1S or 2C? Which one is more common in experts?
In the 1991 July/August issue of Bridge Today, Marty Bergen in his column, "Bergen's Baker's Dozen", wrote as his first recommendation (page 48): "Getting into a 2-over-one Game-Forcing Auction" Playing a "2-over-1 game-forcing" is a plus, but won't help you when you bid 1-over-1. After partner ...
How to get to 4!h
Steve - what do you do with 2=4=4=3 or the like?
How to get to 4!h
Let's take "shape before strength" one step further and play transfers: East's 2 = 5+ hearts and 2 = 5+ diamonds. West would have an easy call of 4.
Dealing with MAFIA - nothing personal, it's just business
My take on this is the following: 1. 1-1-1M-2 shows 6-7, 3-card support is relatively safe, since we have at least a 7-card fit and 22 HCP. 2. 1-1-1M-2 shows 6-7, no 3-card is perhaps most troublesome, since we don't have a fit ...
Interference after a transfer
Transfers are possible only because 2NT is present. So a simple rule can be "we play transfers when 2NT is available; otherwise natural and forcing (or non-forcing)." As to strength, (A)x Axxxx Qxxxx xx for "purely competitive"? And (B)x Axxxx KJxxx xx for "invitational"? If you allow Hand ...
Interference after a transfer
More transfers? 2NT = hearts and clubs, INV+; 3 = hearts and diamonds, INV+; 3 = Hearts only, INV+, 3 = to play.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
@Paul - Not a problem. Not only do I play transfers over 1 opening, I also play transfer rebids. :) @Bill - Thank you for your compliment.
1!H-1N; 2!H-2!S
@Paul - When there is an unexpected action, I thought it is you who will have more problems. Let's say, opener bids 1 and jump shifts to 3 over our 1NT. How do you sort out slam tries in majors and 1-suited minors (to play)? I have heard ...

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