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Karen Allison
Karen Allison
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Aug. 21, 2010
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about me

BBO commentator, have won several NABC titles, World silver medalist McConnell Cup, many regionals.  First woman to represent Canada in Open Teams World Championship.   Love my cats (Stella often watches as I comment on BBO), love travel, love bridge!!) And yes, I will be your professional partner should you wish.

United States of America

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Michael Ledeen, Jordan Chodorow
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Emerald Life Master
Jesus Arias & Karen Allison
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Magic the Gathering champ also plays bridge!
I was headed to high-level GO when I found that playing a head-up game of perfect information was just too stressful. Chess the same. Bridge worked for me and has worked for well over sixty years.
Bridge vanity license plates
All my phone numbers have had last four digits adding to 13. Current ones end in 1147 and 0832.
Bridge vanity license plates
I was turned down by NJ for ACOL - they thought someone might read it as 'asshole' and be offended. S'truth.
Stansby is 2018 Sportsman of the Year
And ditto again
Create a separate robot bridge forum
I like the idea. I actually submitted a NY Times subject that was printed (pre-their dropping bridge columns) about a great play by a robot.
Poll on the World Bridge Federation's involvement with the Olympic movement
The IOC is not an honest organization - bribes and huge spending entertaining higher-ups. We never needed to be involved and we should end it right now.
Bridge Players on TV Game Shows
And let's not forget that Jan Stone was Janice the Paying Teller on Break the Bank. She was Janice Gilbert in those years.
What do you call such a bid?
Seamon Junior USBC Winners
congratulations to all - those that won and all that competed. This was the first part of winning for the newer players - and that is losing!! I did a LOT of losing before eventually succeeding with some important wins - I wish you the strength to keep your partnerships and keep your ...
BW 2/1: Opener's "High Reverse"
I've always opened those hands 1 . It just simplifies the auction to be able to show both suits while leaving the high reverse for really strong hands.

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