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Karen (Kate) McCallum
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Board 9 Practice 23 April - Poland v Sweden BB 2007
Precisely! If you recall, I discarded the spade 2 (intended as suit preference) then changed it to the 7 when I realized I wasn't playing sp discards with Rena. I WANTED to ask for a club. Does that count? Odd/Even is an excellent defensive carding method (essential here ...
Board 9 Practice 23 April - Poland v Sweden BB 2007
I found this a fascinating deal. On a heart lead 1NT is one off on best defense. On the more normal spade lead, or club lead, it's pretty much impossible to beat. On a spade lead, declarer does best to play on hearts as Sheila did (see her comments ...
Board 10, April 23, Poland vs Sweden
This deal poses an interesting question - much debated among expert players for decades. Should West overcall 2NT? What does it show? What are the merits of an unlimited range vs. "weak or strong." Should these same limits apply to Michaels and other 2-suited overcalls?
Anyone looking for OPPO tonight? 23 April
Axel will play against you if you like. He doesn't have a partner but maybe someone will read this and want to join him? He's willing to play with a robot if no one is available.
april 16, board 17
It doesn't really look that difficult to reach 4H on most auctions. North can bid it after South's takeout double, (aggressive, but likely to be right). And certainly North can bid it after South's raise to 2H. It would be easier if N/S play some sort ...
april 16, board 17
I also lead the King for count and the Ace for attitude at the five-level or higher, if playing standard carding methods. But I've found that suit preference signals at Trick One work best of all. In any case, count seems relatively useless here. South knows North probably has ...
april 16, board 17
I agree, Andy. It's often impossible to know what signal you want from partner until you've seen dummy. So I prefer to use these defined count/attitude/sp signals on honor leads only vs high-level contracts. I have a general agreement that we signal suit-preference at T1. We ...
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: 5 A9742 JT32 AJ8
That is my point. It's not an area where I feel a lot of confidence, so I'm curious about the experience of others.
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: 5 A9742 JT32 AJ8
I completely agree with you. I would not either. In fact, I DID pass, believing my RHO's hesitation, which turned out to be A xx AKxxx xxxxx. 3S is down a couple, and 4H has no play, but was bid and made at many table. That's not the ...
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