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Board 13, 16th July
Does one bad result prove that your Multi wasn't a great bid? Maybe it proves that Paul is a great declarer! :) Lead a club and you'll be crowing! :) Did others open the North hand? I didn't. (Red colors terrify me.) Surprisingly, Rena and Giselle stopped in 3S ...
Board 4, 16th July
One of my favorite toys came up on this deal. I overcalled 3D as north, which gave West a problem (that's the idea!). Our opponent solved it by bidding 4D - a big overbid. The cue needs to be slammish. Following basic principles of letting a preempt push you one ...
Board 4, 16th July
Certainly East should invite - but East's acceptance is questionable. There are a lot of negatives in that little 12-count. 2D could be a much better hand, less limited than a 1NT or 2H rebid; so responder strains to invite in this sort of sequence. Anyone NOT get to game?
Board 10, July 16th, Netherlands vs Norway
Yes, I understand your concern. A weak jump suggests it's not our hand, and it could be brutal if there's no fit. But then partner might have bid 1D with a major, and might have avoided 2D with 3361 because of the major-suit support. So singleton club is ...
Thanks Jodi. We're going to miss your voice. Have a great time and do well. I hope to hear some hands...
hand 30.
Really?! Would you consider that standard in Oz? Or peculair to your partnership with Marianne? Is that what you'd expect with any expert?
How do you play Picture Bid when the choice is 3M or 4M?
I play them in several partnerships. They're useful if you have tight rules. "No control in an unbid suit" is essential.
Board 10, July 16th, Netherlands vs Norway
Note that both BB tables bid on to 3C. I did as well. I feel so strongly about it that I didn't wait for pass-out seat. After 1C-1D-X-P; 1S-P-2S-? I bid 3C in direct seat. (And if my card play were as good as my bidding on this deal ...
Board 10, July 16th, Netherlands vs Norway
North should clearly not sell to 2S. It's a losing action in the long-run to defend their fit at the two-level when you have a 7-cd suit. Even when they're making 3S, they may not bid it. As it happens, this time 3C is a big winner, since ...
Ben: You're certainly right. But, for some reason, very few players are clever enough to take advantage of the opportunity. Not many milquetoasts about these days... :) BTW, I didn't know anyone else played 41 doubles. I thought I made it up (including the name). Like everything... many minds ...

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