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Karen (Kate) McCallum
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Dec. 6, 2010
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Steve Weinstein's bidding problem: T8xx x K9xx KQxx
I wouldn't expect 2C to be Drury over 1S, although a fair number of USA players do have that agreement - it's certainly not normal. The discussion has convinced me that I should be playing it after the 1S overcall (or transfers as I play after a double). Silly ...
Eric Leong's bidding problem: Q753 K954 64 J73
Pass. I wouldn't have to make a decision if I'd bid 3S on the first round.
Brad Johnston's bidding problem: A T7432 53 AKJ83
Easy 3C call. Opener can't pass with shortness in LHO's suit - partner virtually always has a trap pass. And he can't double without support for unbid major(s). What's left? 2H?! Obviously, East has spades 90% of the time, but still, the hand with strength is ...
ATB -- Missed slam
East 100%. His bidding makes no sense. West 100% - he has an easy 3S splinter over 2D. A 6-loser hand facing an opening bid, with a good fit. That's slam territory. (I give East the first 100% because his 3NT is far worse than East's lack of judgment.)
Board 22 - November 19th
EXACTLY. It's always better to get in and out early, just in case it's wrong to be in the auction.
Board 31 Nov 19
I think you've summed it up perefectly, Marianne. Maximum pressure. It COULD be wrong to bid 5D on the first round, but when you're wrong it's likely to be a small swing. When you're right it's likely to be a big one. Consider this... assuming ...
Board 27, 19th November
Nice hand to make 6NT! Our declarer had a much easier time in 3NT when my partner led a low heart, after having opened 2H. He guessed right to duck, and took an easy 12 tricks.
Board 27, 19th November
Marianne and Jodi's auction is one that might be confused in even the most expert of partnerships. It's important to discuss the meaning of a 4NT response to a takeout oduble, or a card-showing double. Are they different? Does it matter if the opening bid is a major ...
Board 22 - November 19th
I quite like the takeout double of 1H by South, found by Bauke Muller - one of my bridge heroes. Favorable vulnerability, passed hand, 9 cards in the other two suits. Time to bid! Anyone agree? Or disagree?
Board 22 - November 19th
It looks to me like 2H should make an overtrick. Our EW held themselves to 8 tricks with a slight misplay of the AD from dummy at T1. Van Prooijen did the same. Not clear it's an error, but costs a trick on this layout, and is usually wrong ...

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