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Board 6 - 8 October
I'd like to give some attention to the signalling issues raised by Jodi, above. There are several areas where a partnership should have clear agreements. TELL PARTNER WHAT HE/SHE NEEDS TO KNOW. This is the most important agreement you can make. Whatever your rules, that one supersedes all ...
Board 6 - 8 October
I'm not sure I agree with you Stephen about a couple of things. South might choose 3S on the First round, given the vulnerability. it puts a lot of pressure on the Vulnerable East-West. My partner did, in fact, start with 3S, and we bought the hand in 4SX ...
Board 6 - 8 October
I think you need to just go with the odds, Viv. They're hugely in favor of cashing the AS. The club lead is a stab in the dark - you have no information and no clue what will happen. But you know a LOT about spades. Your partner has 6 ...
Board 6 - 8 October
You raise some good points, Jodi, worthy of discussion. But this doesn't seem like a signalling issue at all to me in the sense that, whatever South plays, North knows that it's time to shift. You know you're not cashing any more spades and dummy's club ...
Board 4, 8th October
After 3NT I like the following: No Stayman - if partner were interested in majors you're likely to have heard about it by now. 4C is puppet to 4D with no slam interest, then you'll follow with your suit, signing off. All else is a slam-try transfer to the ...
Board 4, 8th October
The 3S response looks right to me also, unless you have very good methods on the 2nd round. A 1H response will usually get 1S or 2H, and you will have a hard time with the rest of the auction. But 1H is probably better if you can manage the ...
Board 4, 8th October
How does she do that? Do you have a response to 5S to say "Void"?
Board 10, October 8th
I think you should be quite happy to defend 1NT undoubled and collect your profit. There's a very good reason why the vast majority of the world's top players use the double for purposes other than penalty. The reality is that it's rare that a penalty double ...
Bd 8 8th October
Sometimes "silence is golden." It's rarely true at the bridge table, but it does happen sometimes that talking is talking too much.
Board Assignments: October 8 Bermuda Bowl Match
I'm just about to post a new list. We're short on players right now - I expect this will change after the SNOT. In the meantime, could everyone post one board, instead of one board per partnership. I'll put up a list right away and hopefully we can ...

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