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Karen Walker
Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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April 6
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Bridge Player

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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Emerald Life Master
Karen Walker & Nate Ward
2-over-1 Third Hand High
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ACBL Online Sanction Pooling
I've found that many of my local players have never played online. They're interested in trying the SYC games, but are a bit overwhelmed by the BBO home page (too many options) and all the detail in the BBO help files. The videos on single topics are very ...
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Gary: It appears that some posters thought you were asking for their favorite book. Either that, or they were kidding about "Adventures in Cardplay" and "Card Play Technique". Those are both great books, but not only are they inappropriate for beginners, they are likely to turn your wife into a ...
Book recommendation please (or other material)
Start with the free interactive software from ACBL (the download package is better than the online version). For some reason, this has become difficult to find on the ACBL site. A direct link is here: For books, Five Weeks to Winning Bridge is still ...
It Happened One Day
I saw it happen once when kibitzing friends. I'm fairly certain it was just a spontaneous ouburst, not a willful attempt to cheat. Several tricks had been played to a relatively easy end position. Declarer, though, was thinking a long time and looked confused. Dummy, who was a nervous ...
A Call for Unity
I strongly disagree that "everything" is political. You can MAKE it political by stretching the discussion to a bigger issue and then stretching again to offer your judgment about how the government is handling it. Pointing fingers and bashing politicians adds nothing to the discussion of how bridge players should ...
Bridge Bulletin Staff Opening
It's easy to speculate about the advantages of hiring someone to work remotely, but there's more to this job than what can be listed in a job description. I have worked on other house organs, I've visited the Bulletin offices and I've worked with the staff ...
Clubs and the virus
How many clubs closed 10-11 years ago during the H1N1 flu outbreak? That virus infected at least 60 million Americans, 12,000 of whom died. It wasn't even declared an emergency until it was found in almost every state and had killed more than 1000 people. Back then, the ...
Virtual NABC in parallel with Columbus
From your list, mainly B. I don't trust faceless opponents who can be using electronics I can't see. Assuring me that they're playing at a club and being "watched" doesn't make me any less suspicious. Also on my list: E. The logistics would be impossible to ...
Calling all Bergen Raisers!
What Hank describes is, to me, an improvement to Bergen Raises. Those who play this modification are not "ignorant". They understand the value of the fourth trump. They also understand that the jump to 3D is no worse a violation of the four-trump "rule" than the awkward alternative for showing ...
Calling all Bergen Raisers!
That's a lot of exclamation points to protest Narsingh's view, which is shared by many others here. The focus of Bergen Raises is not solely to establish the "Law level". It's to get to the best contract, sometimes by safely obstructing the opponents' ability to enter the ...

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