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Karen Walker
Karen Walker
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June 22, 2010
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Dec. 4
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Bridge Player

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Illini Regional, Champaign IL
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Emerald Life Master
Karen Walker & Nate Ward
2-over-1 Third Hand High
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ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
That bug never occurred to me, but it makes more sense than the other blind stabs I've made at a solution. Do you have any idea of what causes ACBLScore to sometimes misreport the number of rounds? I'm impressed that you figured this out. I will try it ...
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
Thanks, Tom. That's a good idea, and I've tried a version of it. I renamed the other clubs' game files, resaved the games and BWS files and reposted. I even set up a game for them and used just numbers for the filename. Still no change. I haven ...
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
Yes, same Windows login. I have tried uploading files with other directors' MyACBL accounts, but that doesn't seem to be a variable, either.
Voting for new KBA name
"Bridging Minds" is the name of a corporation that provides corporate training programs. It's probably copyrighted. Plus, I don't think most people would make the connection between that title and the game of bridge.
Voting for new KBA name
Bridge: The game for a lifetime This or something very similar might have been used before, perhaps by ACBL, but I doubt there's a copyright on it. "Bridge" is a word with so many meanings that I think you really need to have "game" or "sport" somewhere in the ...
IMP Pairs
The first time I played in the NABC IMP Pairs, we had a decent game in the first session of the final. In the first six boards of the second session, we made 1NT and the opponents bid and made four routine games and a 35-point slam. That put us ...
RIP Harold Feldheim
I should have said that Harold saw HIMSELF as a ladies' man. He was a bit of a throwback in the way he treated women, too. I know some women saw his faux flirting as chauvinistic and even demeaning (he used to call his female opponents "dear"), but I thought ...
RIP Harold Feldheim
This is very sad news. I played with Harold several times at regionals in Illinois and Missouri. We are a long way from Connecticut, but he said it was worth the trip because he liked "Midwest folks". Harold was quite the "ladies' man" (if it's PC to use that ...
ACBL Live For Clubs - how to email hands/results
Players get the emails only if they have given ACBL permission to send them. To check or change your settings: Log in to the MyACBL portal on Click "Privacy settings" (under "Membership") Click "Click here for Live for Clubs notification preferences" Click "On" for Player Score Emails ...
Results from Wuhan 44th World Championships
64, after all? I guess we should all be surprised that he hasn't already checked himself into a nursing home.

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