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Karl Junk
Karl Junk
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Sept. 1, 2013
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Dec. 7, 2019
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Karl Junk's bidding problem: 953 J65 985 J954
Surprisingly North had 13 HCP and West 3 aces and 2 kings.I chose to pass this hand, but the contract was good for opps, and they even scored 2 overtricks.
Ruling - a revoke and a killing defense
If, like this case, a defender revokes in second seat and recognises his revoke after his partner has played, I think Law 57 should apply. I doubt that the current text of the Laws supports this view, but I suggest to add a reference to Law 57 into Law 62.
Jarek Wyganowski's bidding problem: AKT9 5 932 AKQT8
IMHO 2 is not a reverse here, as it is cheaper than 3.
Bingjie Wang's bidding problem: 854 JT82 K63 K74
I need to be declarer if partner has 2 cards as Nikos suggested. I could have some wasted Q or J. But instead I have 2 Kings and J10. This is more than my partner will expect, so 6.
Ruling fron Eastbourne
I like this 1 4 example as it is more simple than the original case. Do the 2 partners have an understanding of the 4 bid here? Obviously not, because they have not discussed it, and the opener has no experience nor awareness (Law 40A1a) as he ...
Kibitzer draws attention to a false concession
It is entirely possible that each defender thought that the other still held a higher club.
Correct ruling on a claim?
If director rules 3nt-1 making, he rules against E/W, and if he rules 3nt making, he rules against N/S, who are customers as well. So whatever he does, he cannot comply with rule #1.
Gameforcing or Forcing for one Round
To my surprise when discussing an auction that contained this sequence with my partner (we happened to find it in some booklet) we realized that we had different opinions. For me it was clear that 2 is forcing for one round only, and he was sure that it is ...
Tricky ruling
The Law 20F requires players to give correct information. If they fail to do so, no matter for what reason, this is misinformation, and this is an irregularity (Law 21B3).
Tricky ruling
People tend to focus on one aspect of a problem and ignore another. In the real world, if everybody always judges a situation from all possible points of view, consensus would be reached far more often, and there would be no religion. Here South focused on opps' bidding and their ...

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