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Kashif Qureshi
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Sept. 18, 2015
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Feb. 22, 2019
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about me

 Heard from someone and embraced it as reality, "BRIDGE IS A WAY OF LIFE". Started my life long affair with bridge at an early stage watching my parents and others  playing the game with so much passion that sometimes it we thought that World War III is about to commence.


  Leaving aside the romanticism of the childhood, started playing serious bridge somewhere in 90s and the bond is becoming stronger with every single day. I am not a pro nor playing regularly at national or regional forums. Played regularly during my stay in USA, China, Belgium and France. However, professional commitments are not giving me enough time to play at a respectable level.


  I like to play a system totally devised by me though i am not a known system expert. My system is based upon a mixture of conventions borrowed from leading bidding systems like Big Band, Big Club, 2/1 and precision etc. Complicated sure but doubly effective too.




  Looking forward to learning more in coming days and hopefully becoming acquainted with all those who have set bench marks for others to follow in bridge.


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2/1, Big Bang
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Avon Wilsmore and Eugenio Chiaradia
It is difficult to digest the statement that when Goren played badly or made non-expert like choices then he was 'not firing all cylinders' while Chiaradia doing anything similar was not akin to 'not firing all cylinders' but a proof of him being an inferior player (something fishy going on ...
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
“We had a team meeting with 32 hands to play and decided that Bobby, who knew Giorgio (Belladonna) best, would go to Giorgio and tactfully ask him for a clean, last 32 boards. Bobby did, and Giorgio promised.” Can someone share the results of those last 32 boards?
Lose the Bermuda Bowl With Me
Bridge in 1950s can only be evaluated keeping in mind the playing standards and trends prevailing at that time. Without that perspective, judging actions at such a belated stage may cloud objective assessment. This article sufficiently highlights questionable bids and plays from a small set of deals. Absence of comments ...
Babar Mahmood's bidding problem: J98754 A T43 Axx
Easy double. There is no other logical alternative to me
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
East was self proclaimed WORLD CLASS
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
I missed that perspective !! thanks for giving me another dimension to look at the issue
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
I totally agree and i think it can be done easily. Another linked aspect is to start with a bulletin board in which incidents of such sort may be mentioned by BBO Authorities with the aim of identifying bad trends and making readers understand the importance of adopting decent behavior
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
You are right as to your reasoning. I already stated that the persons involved in this particular board were not at highest level but reasonably decent ones. Still waiting for verdict as to the allegation of cheating though
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
This actually happened at the table. Pass by East instead giving preference to is inexplicable and probably a hint about his level of expertise !!!!
Captain's Diary, Day 6: England, Turkey
Good luck to all qualifiers is in the context of seeing them perform to their optimum capabilities. There are surely some minnows and playing against Giants; good luck to them is in order.

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