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Kaustubh Bendre
Kaustubh Bendre
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May 20, 2011
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Dec. 6
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Bridge Player

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Sandeep Thakral
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KB - Shaun
Precision, 2!D Weak, 15-16 NT
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Would someone run a simulation, please.
I did the two simulations using [url=]Deal 3.1[/url]. Results I got for 1000 deals each: [code] Tricks 6 HCP 7 HCP 3 3 3 4 9 2 5 33 15 6 153 91 7 287 237 8 279 302 9 ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Is it possible that Schapiro thought Reese held a singleton heart? I suppose the coding would be '1 or 5', '2 or 6' and so on? (If so, the 5-5 fit would be known only after the raise to 4.)
Psychic Bids by US Players during the 1957 Bermuda Bowl and Related Deals
Some players think it routine to lead through dummy's four card suit when they have a three card holding in that suit. The right card to lead may well be the unsupported honour. There are unexpected benefits - on the auction 1m - 1 - 1N, my partner led the Q ...
What are your pet peeves?
People who shuffle their cards before putting them back in the board - right after we have manually duplicated the board
Phyllis, voters can choose only one option of the four. You want two answers. The set of offered options that will work is something like: 1. Penalty in both situations. 2. Penalty only in the first situation. 3. Penalty only in the second situation. 4. Not Penalty in either situation.
The future of bridge and technology
People don't look at a Bridge game the same way as they do an exam. It is safe to assume that people do not (and will not) use technology to cheat in Club games. "I stand by my initial statement that it is a huge detriment towards getting people ...
WBF Declares Co-Champions in Open and Women's Pairs
Dura lex sed lex - the CoC is harsh but it is the law. Doesn't this imply that the results, as initially announced, stand?
Introducing BBOH (anti-cheating device)
I like the concept, but staring at the edge of the partition would freak me out. I'm not able to describe this.. too "in your face"? I would keep shifting my chair to the left or right, and getting up after every hand.
Humorous Bridge Happenings You’ve Experienced
At the club (I was directing), I was called to a table after the opening lead - 12 cards in dummy, 14 with declarer - "Didn't you count your cards before you started bidding?" I asked the declarer in my sternest voice. "I did, honestly! I only had 12!" she replied.
Poetic Justice
Exposed-card penalties can be far more damaging than revoke penalties, as has been discussed in previous threads. Then, isn't it unfair if an opponent asks me to "check again"? No, I'm not accusing Gavin of shady ethics, just something to think about for the law makers.

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