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Keith Wells
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Sept. 8, 2017
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ACBL Life Master since 1999, ACBL Club Director since 1995, ACBL Tournament Director since 2008, ACBL Headquarters Staff since 2007. ACBL Tournament Technical Analyst

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Implicit private understanding?
Ray, NT overcalls that go outside the range of 14 - 19 HCP do require an Alert.
You be the Comittee .
Jeff, let's try it your way with your 75% for 6. So, you get 75% of our 12 top (8),and 25% of our 6 average (1.5) for a matchpoint score of 9.5. If I assign your score as 1430, I have to give you a ...
You be the Comittee .
Jeff, you look to see in ACBLscore what the matchpoint value is as either score. You then assign as the lower one and give a positive adjustment for the NOS and a negative adjustment for the offenders. You use the lower score as that will improve the rest of the ...
You be the Comittee .
Jeff, my example was based upon two possible scores. In that instance, it is correct to use the lower score because the adjustment you will give is a positive adjustment. To use a higher score, you would be giving a negative adjustment, which makes it look like you are penalizing ...
You be the Comittee .
Yes, you do a negative adjustment. Of course, I pulled those numbers off the top of my head. I know Eric Seig had a weighted score assigned following a NABC appeals case which ended up being rather complex, but only because it had three different scores involved.
You be the Comittee .
To handle weighted scores in ACBLscore, first determine the numeric value of your weighted score. So, if 6 would be a full top (let's say 12 matchpoints), then 25% would be 3 matchpoints. Make 4 making 6 be average (6), so 75% would be 4.5 making ...
Bridge clubs and regulations.
Randy, clubs can, with written notification to the ACBL Club/Membership department, bar players from all games held at their club for cause. They do have to notify their Unit and District as well, and those entities must agree, but it can be done. Dan Plato, in a video series ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
The ACBL does not legislate a player's judgement in hand evaluation. In the call I cite above, I explained to the caller that one person's evaluation of a hand as being "weak" is entirely within their partnership agreements, noy in the judgement of the director. We look at ...
Help needed with a player upset with a director's ruling
This hand sounds very similar to a ruling call I received on Tuesday. The bidding had been the same, except West asked several questions after the 3 call before passing, and then East reopened the bidding. The question in the call was rather the UI from the questions prompted ...
Review a Regional Ruling
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