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Nov. 21, 2017
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April 3
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London Bridge Club (Ontario, Canada)
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Escaping after partner opens a weak NT
We open 1NT with 12-14 and use Guoba Rescue which, after the direct DBL, allows us to "escape" with any single suited or 2-suited hand. When the opponents DBL in balancing seat and it comes around to responder, a suit bid is to play and RDBL means "start running" in ...
Peg Kaplan's bidding problem: AKQJT --- A9862 AQ7
IMO, any hand that would cause partner to pass 3D would be so poor that bidding 3NT would not be a great 2nd choice. I bid 4C without the hesitation, so bid it with the hesitation. I will happily call the director on myself, and be ready to apologize if ...
What does a hesitation suggest here?
The need to think before choosing pass or choose to play 3C (or 3D)
TD please
David, would you please help me understand what hand you would hold as East, including an 8-cd heart suit, and make no bid over the 1D opening bid, plus then bid 1H in response to partner's balancing dble?
1NT or 1C
I would open 1NT, mostly because it is our point range (according to the author) and I try to shy away from making anti-agreement bids that will leave partner wondering far too often. However, I agree with the added strength of the hand, and have no big issue with a ...
Does a "Hand Generator" exist that .......
Thanks to both of you. I investigated both suggestions, and tried the (FREE & IMMEDIATE) site. It gives me exactly what I want. I'm sure Dealmaster also does, but don't want to wait for CD's. Cheers, and thanks again
Lame Claims
If I could, I would claim one less trick for declarer, but not one more trick for me. Declarer needs to learn a valuable lesson
ATB: The five level
3H, 4D & 4H are all better bids by north than 4S!
TD please
With my regular partner I would be surprised that he alerted 3S - Seems reasonably natural to me, as does the 4S bid (East simply wants to advise "I have 5 Hearts in case it matters to you)
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
Thanks for your suggestions, Kerry. Just to clarify, I did not actually identify who bid 1NT & who bid 2C. Publicly, partner and I try very hard to use only the word "we" when we have a great or terrible result - In private, we discuss in detail for (hopefully) our future ...
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