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Ken Bowlby
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Nov. 21, 2017
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London Bridge Club (Ontario, Canada)
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Director Ruling
One of us is confused: "Yes, a case could be made that continuing hearts was a failure to play bridge but North might have had KJ9 of hearts." South is looking at the H KJ32 in dummy. West (I agree it should have been East) said his 4H bid was ...
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
Thanks - I had temporarily overlooked that 2 suits had been bid. Cheers
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
Richard, You can see from my prior comment that we are very much on the same wavelength, except that with my regular partner we treat the 3H cuebid as asking for a heart control, rather than showing control. Can you comment on whether your treatment ("showing") is more commonly used ...
Insufficient Bid over a 2NT Opening Bid
Ed, I like your reply and get the humor, and in full humor answer that I cannot retrieve the law book because I threw the director in on top of it! Even a POOR director should say (nicely) "Everyone stop!" after the 2D bid. So I can only wonder what ...
Cuebid, Last Train, Slam-Bidding Problem
An interesting auction - I would welcome any feedback on my thoughts.... With my partner, 3H could be asking me to bid 3NT with a stopper OR showing 4-cd support + slam interest in Spades: to be clarified next bid, as in your auction. So I could not bid a "serious 3NT ...
Insufficient Bid over a 2NT Opening Bid
"Partner says no and promptly bids 2D". Once the director failed to intervene before RHO acted over the 2D bid, there should be a pp against the director! IMHO, the most reasonable assumption is that partner "mis-heard" the question and thought that the "No" meant accepting the bid. However, since ...
Rare High-Level Decision
I believe partner needs to know about hearts. With the Ace I will bid 7S and with the King I will bid 6H. Depending on the rest of my hand, if I hold the HA I also have some cute alternative bids: 6NT, 7C, etc., but I also believe we ...
It's your bid
I chose "DBLE & pass 2D" as the lesser of awkward coices. I understand why some would choose 2C, but that would be against partnership agreement for me. I also understand why most chose 1H but, as mentioned by D. Lurie above, I would be too worried about missing a Spade ...
Bermuda Bowl inter alia (perfectly open thread, as far I'm concerned)
Before the Wuhan events started, I did not know and could not find where I might get daily updates. Now, a BIG THANK YOU for the daily bulletins on BBO! Do the people who put these together get paid? If yes, my guess is not enough. Thanks again
Hesitation Problem
This seems like a problem that should not be a problem, so I assume the BIT was partner wondering were to eat dinner tonight? If I raise to 4C, then I am always passing 4H, so partner can take all the time (s)he wants. I also will take no ...
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