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Ken Bowlby
Ken Bowlby
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Nov. 21, 2017
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6 hours ago
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Bridge Player

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London Bridge Club (Ontario, Canada)
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Mentality of Cheating
But using electronics to steal signs and/or communicate information to players is considered cheating by MLB. So they cheated with electronics, and are being punished for it
Come On ACBL/OnPeak, It's Just Not That Hard! (NABC Hotel Gripe)
My partner and I used the rhyming alternative in Memphis, and will use it in Columbus. Have never gone wrong with that when I select "superhosts only".
Law 16, alerts, and ethical considerations
If we are out of the auction, I don't ask and then seek clarification before I lead or after partner leads face down. If we are in the auction, or realistically could still be in, I'll ask. If the opponents seem to be struggling with their explanations, normally ...
Eugene Hung's bidding problem: AQT852 4 854 QJT
1, and when partner bids 2 I will bid 2
Incomplete explanation of an alerted bid
Hard to believe that W did not ovecall 1! South's 2nd explanation included the word "artificial" which meant the 2 bid said nothing about any suit except 's - Your 3rd question was therefore redundant. Whether you intended it or not, it gave your partner UI, so ...
Rebidding a minor suit at the 4-level
Article edited to show the bidding
Rebidding a minor suit at the 4-level
Thanks Kenton. See my comment above yours. Cheers
A "friendly" game
Good point. I have never had the pleasure of playing bridge outside North America, so have never played for prize money and therefore did not think of that. Cheers
I don't get the 3D call: If it's systemic, then ok (I guess), otherwise it seems to serve no purpose other than to confuse? If it's intended as a "waiting" or "temporizing" bid, then it does not promise D cards so 3NT cannot be passed! After partner ...
A "friendly" game
One pair's "friendly game" might be another pair's "battle to win 0.4 MP's", as seems to be the case here. I wanted to select the first choice, but abstained, and then "liked" Brian D's answer above. I always care about my score, to the extent ...
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