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Ken Deighton
Ken Deighton
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Jan. 1, 2017
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Bridge Writer
about me

Mathematician, systems analyst, book dealer, writer.  I live with 13,000 old books.  One day, when and if I can no longer find a partner to play with, I want to return to mathematics to develop my "Utilique Theorem".

History of British Bridge Volume I was published in June 2017

History Of British Bridge Volume II is written and should be available next year (once I find the time to complete the massive task of compiling the index).

Volume III is just an idea in my head.

United Kingdom

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Favorite Bridge Memory
c1959 at school : "Ken, we are playing Bridge upstairs, would you like to join us ?"
Bridge Accomplishments
I play hands immediate, without planning any play !
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Favorite Conventions
"1NT 2clubs 2hearts 2NT", when first I met it, instilled a degree of wonder that's lasted ever since - the logic of conventions.
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What Is First Published Reference to XYZ?
The first published use of of the term in the game of Bridge was in a wonderful book "The XYZ Of Bridge, [1906]" by Mr.Gilbert Frankau. It contains the exquisite depiction of The Tramp on the Embankment by the famous book illustrator Mr. Lance Thackeray : Famished he hied to ...
Vintage Bridge Tallies
I’ve always been attracted to Bridge tallies. The shapes, colours and design of some are utterly mesmerising - things of beauty indeed. So it’s no wonder they are cherished and you can easily see what I mean by going to eBay now. As Ned implies above, one suspects that ...
Vintage Bridge Tallies
I think there is a book about Bridge and maybe Whist tallies although I haven't seen a copy.
Indemnity insurance for bridge teachers
£25 seems very good value but are you covered : i. if someone comes to your house or appointed abode and trips over the carpet ......? ii. If someone claims you informed them with the wrong answers and they lost a contest, or failed to qualify in some way .....? iii. If someone ...
Post 22. Flag-Flying, Bluff bids, Surprise Bids, Psyches, Psyching, Freak Bids and general camouflage. Saturday 4th January 2020
I’m so grateful for all your comments and feedback - thank you. The post has now tipped over into the cemetery of oblivion, so, likely, only you who have made a comment will read this addenda. First, a few corrections : I did use the term “tenor”, dropping the “u” at ...
A Psych Story
Great story. This is what can make Bridge so exciting, both to play, and to watch. We need more of it, not less. HNY everyone.
Off Topic: Happy Christmas
Season's Greetings.
Bridge Playing Royalty
In 1938, Five-suit Bridge was all the rage and there was a "national" try-out in Bournemouth at the Cumberland Hotel on the East Cliff in late September. Sadly, when I went along there a few years ago with my partner, the staff knew nothing about that event, even although the ...
Top players playing weak (12-14) NT in a natural 2/1 system
It's interesting how the notion of "natural" came about. Ernest Bergholt in his "Bergholt's Modern Auction, [1924]" talks about "honest bids" on page 111 : "We may lay it down as a general principle, that a bid which is an "honest" bid (that is, which has the odds in ...
Voting for new KBA name
What goes around comes around doesn't it ? An anagram of the word “Bridge” was trade marked in 1903 for a Bridge scorer. Here’s a typical advert in the “Lincolnshire Echo, Thursday, 3rd December 1903, page 2 : “THE BREDGI” (Trade Mark) BRIDGE SCORER Of all Stationers. 6d Fifty sheets ...

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