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Ken Deighton
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Jan. 1, 2017
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about me

Mathematician, systems analyst, book dealer, writer.  I live with 13,000 old books.  One day, when and if I can no longer find a partner to play with, I want to return to mathematics to develop my "Utilique Theorem".

History of British Bridge Volume I was published in June 2017

History Of British Bridge Volume II is written and should be available next year (once I find the time to complete the massive task of compiling the index).

Volume III is just an idea in my head.

United Kingdom

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c1959 at school : "Ken, we are playing Bridge upstairs, would you like to join us ?"
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I play hands immediate, without planning any play !
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"1NT 2clubs 2hearts 2NT", when first I met it, instilled a degree of wonder that's lasted ever since - the logic of conventions.
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S. J. Simon and economics
Hello Charles, thanks for the comment and for checking, and, for that matter, getting me to follow this up ! My 1st edition copy of the Red Book arrived today all the way from a Salvation Army depot in America. I hadn't got a copy, although it's not that ...
Why am I not that crazy about Bridge anymore these days?
Please, if you don’t mind me saying - so many of you appear to have let an absolutely fascinating side of the game go by unnoticed maybe. Just go along to your local antique centre and have a closer look at some of the old Bridge sets, packs of playing ...
S. J. Simon and economics
Richard L. Simon was a well known American book publisher. He was also a Contract Bridge addict - he says so in his preface to Sidney Lenz's "Contract Bidding, 1931". I doubt whether they were related but who knows.
Post 21. Attitude of Mind and Acol copyright
I believe that book came out in 1949 and I notice there are a couple for sale at the moment quite cheap. For anyone who doesn't understand why this essay is still in copyright, it's because copyright continues until all the authors involved in a work of any ...
Maddison Square Gardens - unusual bridge event
I don't know when Ely was born but maybe he come over here to watch Emanuel Lasker play Chess at the Bournemouth Chess Club in 1903 or so. If he did, by chance, he might well have noticed what is likely to be one of the first ever "Living ...
S. J. Simon and economics
Hello Richard, it’s a good guess and anything is possible. Google says that the paper ceased publication in the 1960’s. It seems that Captain Kempson began writing for the “Northern Whig” newspaper under his own name in January 1936, and continued with weekly articles for the next year ...
S. J. Simon and economics
There were several kinds of Lavinthal signal but the one that stuck was for discards. These came to Britain through the back door in Mr. Culbertson’s “Contract Bridge Complete, The Gold Book … , Faber And Faber, 1936”. This is easily missed because the signal and its genesis is described on ...
Post 21. Attitude of Mind and Acol copyright
Thanks Richard. My authority for saying this a newspaper report that in the May 1938 “London and Home Counties' Masters' Individual Contest”, the first eleven players were Acol exponents ( if I've read that correct). At the Eastbourne Congress in 1937 Mr. Reese (Acol) came second behind Dr. Whitby (,Lederer ...
Post 21. Attitude of Mind and Acol copyright
Thanks Dave, I did think that there would be more copies out there - there always are !. I don't believe the book mentions Acol, which seems very strange for a 1938 edition, so I think it was prepared earlier maybe.
Post 21. Attitude of Mind and Acol copyright
Thank you Chris, I might well do as I follow up various leads.

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