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Ken Mohr
Ken Mohr
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July 29, 2011
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Feb. 24
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
leading Nickell team at half in Spingold
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GNT championship flight Dist winner,many regional wins
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Ivan Figuereo
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lebensohl,last train,serious 3nt
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Silver Life Master
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Is this AI or UI?
I don't know the laws very well, and know nothing about the drafting of such documents, or any principles to be used in their interpretation. I'm just a bridge player ( my partner has at times even questioned this). Nevertheless, I thought I'd post here because I think ...
ATB - No Double, No Game
No it's just a negative double, in that it makes our score more negative.:)
ATB - No Double, No Game
My partner says if I pass out a contract he figures we have a chance to beat it, but when I double he knows it's likely to be +1.
Missed Slam
South's hand is so good after 3♠ I feel he deserves the blame. But I wonder if N had an even stronger raise available. For instance if S were 3613 slam is still excellent and I couldn't blame him for not getting excited with that hand.
Bridge Stories and Jokes
Many years ago some of us went to the bar after the evening duplicate. Someone made some comment, and my partner, with a sudden attack if dyslexia, said, " oh, like Baze Grant". Quickly realizing his mistake, he shook his head and said," I mean Bant Graze".
ATB: Overbid slam
Slam is great if N has a fourth trump instead of say a ♦. If S had a way of asking if 3 or 4 trump he definitely should have used it rather than bid 4♦. If not, then I think N should look at his bad trump holding and sign ...
Must be a record
Someone may remember this hand, I saw it in a newspaper column a long time ago but don't remember all the details. 7♦ got doubled by ♦109xxx, eventual declarer with a ♦ void bid 7 ❤, with AJ9xxxx opposite x. After the opening lead declarer played high diamonds from dummy as ...
ATB for missing this slam
I abstained because I also would have opened 3♥, but if it's partnership style not to do so then N should bid over 4❤ I think, expecting something like this. I do like x better than 3NT though.
How do you play this bid?
Yes " takeout of hearts" is somewhat similar description, but I agree it's more " if you're doubling hearts they're in trouble."
How do you play this bid?
I agree David, if partner has a reasonably good hand. But what if he had a heart stack and not much else because you have the extras?

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