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Ken Mohr
Ken Mohr
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July 29, 2011
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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leading Nickell team at half in Spingold
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GNT championship flight Dist winner,many regional wins
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Ivan Figuereo
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lebensohl,last train,serious 3nt
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Silver Life Master
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ATB missed slam II
I don't think anyone is clearly to blame. Take away the J♣️ from N and and slam is not so good. Take away some of South's high cards or aces again slam is not so good. I think it's hard for either player to decide bidding on ...
ATB missed slam
We weren't told the agreements, but from the bidding I think 2❤️ may have been a 1RF, with 3❤️ by north NF if south had a minimum 2❤️ bid. Possibly 4♣️ would have shown slam interest even opposite the minimum hand, if so I can see why N rejected ...
It's ATB Time
Mostly N, but partly both for not having an agreement about what 4♣️ is here. North obviously intended it to play, but since he doesn't have a 4♣️ bid anyway he gets most of the blame. I agree 3♠️ seems a bit of an overbid. But 2♠️ seems an ...
Yet another what does 4NT mean
Michael, I believe Meckwell play (or used to) that in a sequence like 1♣️(strong)-(2♠️)-3❤️-(3♠️), double showed a heart fit. Presumably, the difference between double and 4❤️ would be willingness to bid on over 4♠️ as Martin mentioned. Of course in this sequence there's been only ...
Yes nothing helps in the second case I agree. I was thinking along the "symmetry" idea mentioned by Frances. I guess what I meant to say was, a low diamond works with W ♦️Kx and five hearts, but running the ♦️Q does not.
I haven't thought it through, but I think leading towards the ♦️QJ wins with hearts 5-1 and ♦️Kx with west, but leading the Q doesn't help with hearts 1-5 and ♦️Kx with east.
Yet another what does 4NT mean
Yes you have to have some sensible agreements. Concerning 4NT specifically, I was just mentioning that you have two ways to bid it, either now or pass first, then 4NT after whatever partner does. I have no idea what a delayed 4NT should show, but it could be assigned some ...
Yet another what does 4NT mean
I think pass is forcing here. If so, depending on agreements of openers continuations after responder's call will certainly influence how you play an immediate 4NT.
How should the director rule
I guess I may be influenced by playing almost exclusively with. one partner. Thus it would never occur to me that partner had, say nine solid clubs. I would take 5♣️ to be the ♠️AKQJx ❤️AKQJxx ♦️xx ♣️- or something like that that he is showing. Hence my scepticism that E ...
How should the director rule
John I think you missed my point. It's east passing 5♣️ that makes the case for a PP. He has the most obvious 5❤️ bid based on the auction. If he had done so and 5❤️x went down a zillion there would be no adjustment and no need ...

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