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Ken Rhodes
Ken Rhodes
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June 15, 2011
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April 20
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Bridge Player

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Favorite Bridge Memory
(1) A year (1962) of Student Union bridge at University of Maryland (2) St Louis Open Pairs w/Steve Robinson 1963
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The Villages Duplicate Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Outer Banks Sectional, Kill Devil Hills, NC
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Can We Ever Play in Clubs
You’re right. 6 is far from automatic. It would be a helluva lot better if West’s 8 were the 9, and I don’t know any system that has that tool in its toolbox.
ACBL live at work
...and if Allan’s conjecture is correct, then good for them for testing, too. Better late than never.
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
I think back to a comment Tracy Brines made about arrogance. "Maybe the stodgier players would realize that - perhaps - maybe this game could actually be fun sometimes." Or maybe we should all consider that the stodgier players have a lot of fun of their own, playing within their own limitations ...
Wrong view on multi 2d by ACBL
Thanx to both of you for bringing Henry into the conversation. He was always thoughtful and always gracious. I miss him more than anybody else who used to be here.
The Best Convention Ever
Response not showing
David, my last experience with Siri was pretty funny. I was trying to show Biddy something on her iPhone. I lingered a bit too long on the "Home" button, and Siri asked me how she could help me. I pushed the home button again, but again I lingered a bit ...
Marginal New Minor Forcing Hand
I don't agree with that. Opener has already told us his hand within a very narrow range. He could have passed 1 and he didn't, so he isn't opening light. He could have opened 1NT and he didn't, so he's severely limited. In no ...
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
Frances, looking at my spade honors my worry would be that partner, with a likely-weak 4 card spade suit, will prefer to raise my clubs rather than choose to play Jxxx opposite "known" 3-card support.
Response not showing
If that's true (which I'm sure it is), then Bridge Winners is way ahead of Microsoft. Using the Microsoft Help is hopeless. Best chance for getting help with a Microsoft problem is to ask Google your question. They'll do a web search for you and find a ...
Where did East-West go so far wrong on this hand?
70 years ago Charles Goren recommended subtracting one point from your hand valuation if you have 4-3-3-3 distribution. It's less precise than K&R, but as an integer function, it's proven pretty good to me over the past 50 years.

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