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Bridge benefited by psychology
Many thanks for the comments --- I'm putting together a bit of a presentation to newcomers at a forthcoming Sectional. An excellent website on one aspect of this topic is Dr. Martin Seligman's 'AuthenticHappiness'. Look for the part on 'Optimism'. Years ago I was strongly influenced by Seligman's ...
Bridge honors
I (and my friend) really appreciate the input. Many thanks.
Lethbridge Regional April 9 to 15, 2012
Thought I'd add some touristy ideas for those planning to go to Lethbridge. In Lethbridge, the Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens (Centennial project linked to the WWII forced relocation of west coast Japanese Canadians to Lethbridge area camps) is a great spot. Although the main attraction will not yet be ...
Lethbridge Regional April 9 to 15, 2012
Yes Jay, the place last time was on its last legs and was mostly bull-dozed not long after the tournament. The Lethbridge Lodge is the original classy place downtown. I wouldn't have (and didn't) stay at that last place and was very happy to book this time at ...
Are Senior Events Killing the Game?
For the Regionals I know about in western Canada and US, start times (and the program in general) are recommended by the local Planning Committee subject to final approval by the Head Director (the Head Director needs to know that there's sufficient time to finalize results, get the Directors ...
Are Senior Events Killing the Game?
I like the following comments posted by others: 1) ACBL is definitely not a 'for profit' organization. It's membership driven, not-for-profit. Of course members from time-to-time might disagree with one program or another and spending priorities, but it's their role to voice their opinions through their elected reps ...
In the Well: Robert Hartman
I am confident that a copy of Bobby Wolff's Lone Wolf book should be bolted-to-the-ACBL-CEO-desk with some kind of mandatory section read for the CEO each day. On caddies, just ensure that the reimbursement embraces the local state/province minimum wage legislation.
In the Well: Robert Hartman
Hey Corey/Robert --- I also was at Cal for a few years in the 70's. No bridge at that time, but nonetheless, a fabulous experience.
In the Well: Robert Hartman
Robert --- welcome. Two thoughts: 1) In 2005/2006 I heard ACBL was looking at some kind of TV resurrection of the decades ago Goren bridge on TV program. I think the idea was to try to TV compete with poker as a way of giving better visibility and awareness of ...
Why attend Venue Based tournaments
Thank you for the input. The ideas are interesting and helpful. Encouraging to see that the main attraction is 'bridge buzz': meeting/playing against the best; meeting big names (I recall a brief chat with Zia in the elevator at the St. Louis NABC) and non local friends, etc. Behind ...

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