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Kendrick Chow
Kendrick Chow
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Basic Information

Member Since
Jan. 26, 2012
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Oct. 12, 2017
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Bridge Player
about me

Your standard aggressive junior. What I lack in skill, I try to fill in with passion (and more aggressive bidding). Graduated from University of Pennsylvania in August of 2013. 

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
National Collegiate Champion 2010, 2011, Runners Up 2013
Regular Bridge Partners
Samuel Kuang, Edmund Wu, Jimmy Wang
Favorite Conventions
Puppet Stayman over 1N, Swedish Jacoby 2N
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Non Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Transfers after NT
You don't need to. I just wasn't sure which one you did the calculations for. (I systematically open my 1N with 5 card majors as well)
Transfers after NT
How does that apply when the 1N opener systematically opens with or without a 5 card major?
New ACBL GCC and Mid-Chart problem
I don't think that's correct. It's midchart to play 1M-2C as a limit raise in the major or 2+ clubs GF. That's the response I've gotten from several directors.
2014 Collegiate Qualifier
It just seems unfortunate that this will always be second to real events. I'm thankful for an event like this which allows college students to compete, but there are obviously many questionable results this weekend, more so than the three qualifiers I've participated in. As Jimmy/Zhuo stated ...
Transfers over 1 Club
Sorry, I meant the desired rules M. Bodell desired. My apologies.
Transfers over 1 Club
I mean under your desired rules, this would be possible. "A rule I'd like is not harder to defend against is if any call would be legal then so is any lower call with the same meaning."
Transfers over 1 Club
"If it's legal for 1C to mean 16+, it is also legal for a pass to have that meaning", then you also get transfer openings at lower level events...
does it fall under brown sticker
I've played it as Minor Stayman or both minors weak or diamonds weak, but not as both or either weak.
Tricky Signoff
Playing WNT and Precision, 1-2 is probably GF
Sins in bridge
Asking your Asian opponents if they're playing precision before even checking their card.

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