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Kenny Horneman
Kenny Horneman
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Sept. 19, 2012
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March 13
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Bridge Pro
about me

Part time bridge pro, based in Charlottesville, VA, available for tournaments, local club play, online play, have also done online commentating on BBO, and am currently a double dummy hand analyst for The Common Game. Check it out at, it's an awesome opportunity for club players to compete and get regular hand analysis immediately after playing a session.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing with long time friend Jerry Helms for the first time and having a 70% game
Bridge Accomplishments
Led national pair event after first day, several undefeated regional tournaments
Regular Bridge Partners
Kevin Wilson, McKenzie Myers, Charles Jefffrey, Kimberly Whipple, Kevin Dwyer
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Charlottesville, VA
Favorite Tournaments
West Palm Beach, Naples, Ft. Lauderdale
Favorite Conventions
2-way XYZ (NMF), 2-way game tries
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ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
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Board 5 from the 12/18/2019 Common Game
The expert play generally would be to randomly play the Jack or 10 from JT, unless playing against very weak opponents. More importantly, this isn't actually a case of restricted choice. In the standard restricted choice of a nine card fit missing the QJ, the only relevant cases are ...
Board 5 from the 11/27/2019 Common Game
It's hard to be critical of any bid by a 7-5 hand after the opponents have shown a six card holding in your second suit. Certainly it should be clear to South that North has a lot of hearts, and that the spade losers can't all be ruffed ...
Board 2 from the 08/14/2019 Common Game
That is incorrect. Declarer retains the A in hand and thus only needs to cash the retained high in dummy before returning to the A to cash the 10.
Board 26 from the 06/12/2019 Common Game
Actually, declarer has two choices, as a ruffing finesse in s allows declarer to finesse either defender for the King. It's still best to start s with the Queen, but in a weak field, if it isn't covered, it's best to win the Ace and take the ...
Board 4 from the 06/12/2019 Common Game
Full analysis from The Common Game: A NT game should be by far the most common E/W contract, though I expect many expert pairs to be playing at the four level on the bidding shown. East will certainly be interested in a ♣ slam, but most pairs will not have ...
Board 1 from the 06/12/2019 Common Game
Full analysis from The Common Game: Even if both sides get into the bidding, the final contract will stay low on this hand. North has a normal 1♦ opening and aggressive East players will double this. The East hand would be a better double if the ♦Queen were in ♥s ...
Board 3 from the 06/12/2019 Common Game
Full analysis from The Common Game: As most West players will be opening 1NT, the final contract will depend in part on the N/S agreements, and whether North decides to bid at all given their "Swiss Cheese" hand. It looks likely that E/W will be in 2♠ whatever ...
Board 2 from the 06/12/2019 Common Game
As far as what to do over 2, sophisticated pairs might have a way to show an invitational raise to 3 (2nt then 3 or double then 3 are possible.) Absent that, I think 3 is way too pessimistic. Game is likely to have excellent ...
Board 2 from the 06/12/2019 Common Game
The full analysis didn't make it from The Common Game. Here it is: I expect most N/S pairs to get to 4♥ on this one, though some especially conservative bidders might only play in game. After West opens 1♠, North has a normal double and South should bid ...
Board 8 from the 05/29/2019 Common Game
I'm not sure I see how it's possible to play the hand as a cross ruff and still make two club tricks. It also doesn't look possible to set up the club suit and pull trump even after South plays the Ace.

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