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Jan. 29, 2017
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Is this Good Bad 2N or something else?
It fits Marty Bergen's rules from Better Bidding with Bergen. Especially pages 114-115.
Sometimes I don’t believe the results on a board.
A great number of years ago, playing in my second tournament, (I was impressed that our Sunday Swiss teammates had about 40 masterpoints). At 1-1 I knew who we were playing when Mike and Kathy Cappelletti sat down at our table. Partner opened a strong club and Mike went into ...
Wherefore is this night different from any other night? ;)
Unauthorized Information
I sometimes can anticipate the auction and the BIT. I have thought of writing on a slip of paper what I was going to do before the UI occurs. Whether this will be given any weight by the TD, or not, is a separate question.
ACBL practice game 5, day 1
On bd 3 taking the
2NT for a weak 3m preempt in ONE unknown minor or both majors strong 3-4 losers is it superchart ?
I think your conclusion is doubtful. KQJxxx, KQJxx, x, x doesn't look at all like a " Very Strong" hand to me.
Handicapped Regional Knockout Rules
As Gary says upthread 13 imps in a 12 board match is too much unless this is a one bracket KO with the worst team in the field playing one of the best.
Finesse or drop?
If East had QJ10 he has 6 ways to play the first 2. I don't think he would play Q10 because he wouldn't play that way from Q10 doubleton. But any of the other 5 are possible. hmmm?
Finesse or drop?
West opened one, not a preempt, doesn't that strongly imply that she holds the club K? And don't we have to count that as a known card in West's hand? Making the vacant spaces 3-10 so even the restricted choice adjustment isn't enough to make the ...
Whose fault or call TD?
I would ask for a recorder form,. Which might involve calling the director, but I don't think there's a case to be made for a scoring change, and I would be sure to make that clear to the opponents.
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