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How Angry Should We Be?
The eventual decision after the fact was to call it a compact KO, give the winners 10.45 gold and to give the 2nd and 3rd place teams match awards of 1.73 red. Of course this violated the compact KO CoC which specify exactly 4 players on a team ...
That's Universal
I would expect the game bidder to have values in Spades. Maybe a Flannery opening with bad Hearts and 4-5,(3-1). I was closest to the last choice, but you told us who they were in the OP. I hope this wasn't the top flight, bracket, stratem.
Assuming that W has a stopper means that Spades cannot beat the contract, so S must switch and Hearts is the only rational play. Since N shouldn't play his partner to be irrational, it is doubtful that he should play S for this holding, when there are holdings consistent ...
What is this end position called?
"lf he pitches a heart...,and exit a club for a spade endplay." Could as well be; ... cash the spade and exit a spade for a club endplay. It's certainly a member of the strip squeeze family, but involvement of the 4th suit (hearts), and use of trump after ...
No Boys Allowed: A Glimpse of the Women's Festival
They were cancelled due to a law suit claiming they were illeagal gender discrimination.
Corrected score?
No one asked what the double was? I can think of several possible meanings. This would provide context to the later bids and explanations.
Getting down with the massive
That's so old it's new again. (Sing) "tomayto", "tomahto", "potayto", "potahto". "Let's call the whole thing off." That's Culbertson as played by Fred and Ginger.
Boxed Card ???
I've heard and used it on this side of the pond.
Bridge Players and the movie world
It's a tragedy, only 3 bridge players.
4NT Over a 4 Spade Pre-empt
If partner is on the same wavelength, I think there is much to be said for a pass or correct 5H. This will stop you lower when partner has the majors and right side Clubs. Not good if she has the less likely H-C hand.
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