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MI (?) Ruling
Matt, that makes little sense, North's pass or correct bid strongly suggested a hand considerably better for Hearts. North could be very short in Spades. South should think himself bared from bidding if he has a weak 2 in Spades. That would be the logical equivalent of a pair ...
Interesting Squeeze
Ruffing the last Spade only fails when LHO has 2 (or more) Clubs leaving RHO with 6=5=1=1. I don't know their preempting style, but some would find a different opening, especially if holding the King of Hearts.
A tricky 3N
If they play 4th best leads then you can use the Rule of 11 and know that RHO can't beat the 9. When in dummy you can lead the club 10 to hold the lead if not covered. If clubs are ducked twice West has an additional card, probably ...
Showing a single suited minor when using Woolsey/Multi-Landy
(1nt) X (pass) pass (pass). The auction is over and it's your lead. Presumably partner has a very good hand, probably without a 4+ major. When I was taught Woolsey, the X was three way, including better than preemptive minor one suitors and huge hands not otherwise biddable. Over ...
I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore
Many saying that keycard will keep you below the 6 level on this hand are ignoring the fact that the auction will be ambiguous and there are 4 keycards for diamonds.
Ribbon events
Either there was an error in Memphis or the rule was, "two session, red point event". I believe it was the latter, don't think that I still have the post-card sent to show the q. 20 monster points made one a master, so I guess the big game was ...
Ribbon events
That is not quite correct. The BRP dates from 1963, gold points date from 1969. I went over 100 masterpoints in 1977. In the year before that, when I played at a Regional there was always one day where the main event was a Master's pairs requiring both players ...
KASLE Wins Roth Swiss
And a great twofer for Josh; he won the midnight k-o Saturday night!
Play problem from session 3 of Spingold R64
I really need to know their defensive methods to interpret RHO's deuce. This will tell much about the distribution and hence my line of play.
One for the Books
My first guess as to responder's bidding is that when learning 2/1 he heard that you bid 2 of a new suit with a game force and 1nt otherwise. This specific type of incomplete learning is very common among bridge players, especially those who learn conventions from their ...
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