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Kerry Kappell
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June 24, 2015
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NYC Teacher/Director/Professional Bridge Player. Almost always, the answer to bridge theory problems is transfers.

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RIP George Rosenkranz
Right, I forgot about that as I’ve always dismissed his system as odd but now I’m starting to see its genius.
RIP George Rosenkranz
Thanks for this. Is this a typo? “19-20: open 1NT, rebid 2NT”
Mechanics of Counting Goren Points in Hand
“I opened 1NT on a 2NT hand because I missed an A, and I opened 1m on a 1NT hand because I missed a K.” I’ve done both those things and more. And it’s the big hands where one is more likely to miscount, right? So if I ...
Should this bid be alerted?
There’s no penalty for over alerting per se. However, if you did it on purpose to induce a spade lead then that’s a different thing entirely.
Should this bid be alerted?
We might all be masochists for continuing to play this game. ;)
Should this bid be alerted?
Obligated wasn’t the right word but if you want protection from the laws then you have to ask. You also take your own life into your hands if it turns out your assumption of the opponent’s call was wrong. I think that 3 should have been alerted ...
Should this bid be alerted?
“What, exactly, is this supposed to mean, I wonder? What measures would be considered adequate to "protect oneself"? Is asking for an explanation of the auction sufficient? Must one immediately call the director? What should one say to the director?“ If you thought 3 should probably be alerted then ...
Should this bid be alerted?
Relevant points from the ACBL’s [url=]Alert Procedures[/url] “Players who remember that a call requires an Alert but cannot remember the meaning must still Alert.” “In all Alert situations, Tournament Directors should rule with the spirit of the Alert procedure ...
Bidding Deep Finesse
Right, right!
Bidding Deep Finesse
You have a trump entry.

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