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Kevin Bathurst
Kevin Bathurst
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Jan. 17, 2011
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12 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
United States of America

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Meeting Catalina Robles
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Marrying Catalina Robles
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Catalina Robles
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Puerto Velero
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Robles Double Cuebid Passes
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Grand Life Master
Kevin Bathurst - Dan Zagorin
2 over 1
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USBF conditions of contest issue
My opinion is that previous year’s USBC results should be a factor in ranking the current USBC, so PP’s should be used to rank teams rather than deep-PP’s. I also think the previous year’s trials should count towards determining how deep a bye is granted, so ...
The Fight for 3!d
ty, fixed
Kevin Bathurst's bidding problem: J982 A43 7 98642
Someone requested the real hand here, partner held: KQ Kx AJxx AKJxx
Kevin Bathurst's bidding problem: T64 T962 --- AK9842
Partner actually held AKJxxx KJxxx JX -. You can decide where you want to be.
In the Well: Eric Rodwell
The Cooler!!
Kevin Bathurst's lead problem: 7632 --- J9643 J843
For those interested: the actual hand had Kx and AKQ in dummy, and 6412 in declarer's hand with AQJx AK. There doesn't seem to be anything surprising about that. You have to lead a diamond to prevent declarer from pulling trumps before cashing diamonds and then taking a ...
Why aren't you playing in the USBC?
I also find it offensive that you've called out several players, my partner included, whose success in the highest level bridge competitions that exist speaks for itself. There's no reason anyone should be insulting those players. The chair of the ittc should be a great deal more respectful.
Why aren't you playing in the USBC?
I can't imagine any bridge player thinks that JLall is only "close to WC." He might be the best player you named.
Just a Suggestion
Nice article as always. Just a comment on the math of the Law of Total Tricks: If there are 17 total tricks and they split 9/8 in 3/3 (or maybe /) then bidding/defending nets +140/+100, so bidding is better in this case. If ...
Dan Zagorin's bidding problem: KQTxx AKxxx QJx ---
If opener has xx xx akxxxx xxx he's already got a slam bid, IMO. You showed a very good hand. You're seeing the hand only from your eyes. "What sort of hand would take the auction of the 1N opener that is not the hand I suggested?" Look ...

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