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Kevin Cline
Kevin Cline
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Basic Information

Member Since
March 20, 2011
Last Seen
July 4, 2017
Member Type
Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Hamman saying "Squashed like a bug" after I squeezed him for an overtrick
Bridge Accomplishments
Won Flt A Swiss Dallas Regional 2010 with Michael Heymann, John Zilic, and Jeff Juster
Favorite Conventions
Two-way checkback stayman
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
The Worst Convention Ever
2C 2D 2NT (24-25) saves a whole level of bidding over opening 3NT, and puts you in a much better position assuming opponents are passing. The only advantage of 3NT is that it is harder for opponents to overcall.
Kevin Cline's bidding problem: KQJx x x AQT9xxx
After some thought I believe the best call is 4D to let partner know we don't have two fast losers there. If partner has the missing key cards they will surely bid 6C.
Orlando - The ACBL Reacts!
I think the basic problem is that in 2017 players expect to get rooms for the same $100 they spent in 1987. So desirable downtown locations are no longer affordable. I fondly remember San Antonio tournaments at the convention center near the Riverwalk. Now they are six miles north near ...
Orlando - The ACBL Reacts!
The ACBL should just make policy that nationals will not be held in isolated land-cruise hotels. Opryland in Nashville was horrible for the same reason.
Kevin Cline's bidding problem: A732 --- Q954 AKQT4
Partner might leave the double in, or he might have a few points and a four card suit. In the event we did play 2Hx and should have set it two tricks.
Why did you stop playing bridge in clubs, if you did?
But they will progress a lot faster practicing bidding online, and then playing set games against good competition. Twenty hands an hour against an A pair is much more effective than twenty-six hands in three and a half hours against a weak field.
Why are men more successful at bridge than women?
Interesting. According to the organizer the pairings were made by a computer program which presumably does not consider the player's sex. IT should be easy to investigate.
David Hankins's bidding problem: KTxx xx AJx AQxx
1 promises an unbalanced hand, either 4 and 5+, or a singleton (in this case specifically 4144)
Why are men more successful at bridge than women?
Nothing external prevents women from competing and winnning at the highest level. I think there are biological reasons why men dominate most games: chess, backgammon, go, bridge, poker, Scrabble... Maybe women are too smart to devote their lives to a game.
Can Opener Pass After Reverse?
What they usually mean is that opener's reverse doesn't promise the usual strength, so after 1 1, they may rebid 2 on xAQxxKJxKJxxx

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