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June 8, 2017
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Slow play
Yes. Give both pairs Average-Minus unless one pair claims sole responsibility. If there seems to be a reasonable excuse (complicated Director call) maybe Average. If it was not at all their fault (Director gave them wrong boards), Average-Plus. Players always say 'but we started the round late because of another ...
Slow play
Yep, take away boards. But even that isn't enough for some pairs... some will always be sure to start that last board before the warning 'don't start any new boards' at the 3min mark, every single round, but never catch up to be on time. This really does ...
Software to create Bridge tutorials as PowerPoint presentations
Very impressive!
Lessons and Power Point
If you decide to go with the Handviewer thing, it seems that you could embed the (playable) link right into a Powerpoint slide, with add-ons for Powerpoint (e.g. "LiveWeb"). I've been experimenting with embedding them as an iframe into the html that Bridge Composer produces (so suitable for ...
10 tables, 24/24 boards played, no sharing, 1 set of boards - Double Hesitation Mitchell
Hard to believe the ACBL would really be getting involved in prohibiting movements. Hard to believe a club manager is getting involved in what movements are chosen. Sounds like you are not at a very supportive work environment. I have found that sometimes with an unfamiliar movement, pairs who did ...
24-board movements for small table counts
Wow. Jeanie is harsh, those are really good ratings for her.
24-board movements for small table counts
In getting ready for this, I see in particular that 1NS needs to be warned that for the 4-board mega-round, they are always sharing with table 6 and may choose to play the last 2 boards of 4 first, requiring them to write down scores on paper and only enter ...
24-board movements for small table counts
Yes there are a lot of movements ACBLScore could have added. Lots of web movements for instance. Just some comments on David's movement mentioned above (not sure what to call it). It's very clever. I guess it's basically a 6-table bye-stand-rover but each sitout is sort of ...
24-board movements for small table counts
For a full seven I am about to debut a 'Rover Board Mitchell' movement. Basically it's 3 boards/round but 24 boards in play. Boards 22-24 are the 'Rover Boards', and bump regular boards starting at table 1 and going UP 2 tables each round. Regular boards move normally ...
24-board movements for small table counts
This has been discussed previously, but briefly, it does work, of course you'd need players who are comfortable using tablets (I made it optional, those who didn't want to just sat out and got an average/no play). There is the added expense of the tablets to consider ...
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