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Kevin Rosenberg
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Feb. 23, 2012
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about me

I live in Sunnyvale California and I'm 22 years old.  I play professional bridge part-time, and just graduated from Berkeley.  I'll be starting a job as a software engineer later in the year.  I've also played a lot of junior bridge representing the USA, and enjoy those tournaments almost as much as anything.

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Samuel Pahk's bidding problem: T94 AK96 AK43 T6
I think making a serious slam try seems pretty clear, surprised at the reuslts. With 3 keycards, AND an often useful card in the KD, in the context of partner having shown extras, non-serious doesn't feel like enough. The context part is key to me. Say partner has A ...
Michael Xu's bidding problem: QJT8x Qx x AQJxx
in hearts the diamonds will be hard to ruff an may be an issue. In spades, I'm hoping the hearts or clubs just come good. The diamonds are less scary. It's not a guarantee
Michael Xu's bidding problem: QJT8x Qx x AQJxx
I think it must partly depend on how often you raise to 2S on 3-6, right?
Michael Xu's bidding problem: QJT8x Qx x AQJxx
I basically just want to know if partner has 3 spades. If they do, it looks like 4S rates to be best. If they don't, then I want to play 4H. 3C is also fine for this purpose, but gives away more, and I don't see what I ...
How many !d cards does this 2!d bid show?
It promises 5, partner will always expect you to have 5. I'd very rarely consider doing it on 4. I'd recommend never doing on 4 as a starting point. Some hand like xxxx Qxx AKQx xx would be the prototype where you might do it.
USBF invitational 1: My adventures on BBO, part 4
great hand where you made it after a spade through AQ where declarer went down after a spade into the AQ. very satisfying.
Michael Xu's bidding problem: KQJxx AQxxx Ax Q
most average 18 points hands would not bid 3H. The 5th heart makes it plausible, but this is a pretty bad 5-5 18 count.
Michael Xu's bidding problem: KQJxx AQxxx Ax Q
it's not strong enough. Also you create this problem over 3N for yourself. On in-between hands, try not to jumpshift unless you have clear direction. I'd rather jump shift on KQJ10x AQJxx Ax x even though it's 1 less HCP. It's a better hand, though one ...
Michael Xu's bidding problem: KQJxx AQxxx Ax Q
Would have bid 2H. But would pass now.
Standard question
pretty sure a double jump is also a jump... (insert witty analogy here)
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