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I live in Sunnyvale California and I'm 22 years old.  I play professional bridge part-time, and just graduated from Berkeley.  I'll be starting a job as a software engineer later in the year.  I've also played a lot of junior bridge representing the USA, and enjoy those tournaments almost as much as anything.

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Was this ruling correct?
Tom, I never used the word criminal to describe South. I said it's criminal to allow them to pass 2nt. We don't know what South thought 2n meant. They might have thought forcing with an ask, just forcing, or nonforcing. As a director, I think it's clear ...
Was this ruling correct?
They probably hadn't even discussed continuations over WJS since they weren't even both playing WJS. Allowing this person to pass 2nt when they knowntheyre going to get very high, possibly doubled, by bidding, is criminal. We have no idea how they would have taken 2nt, and they have ...
BIT - Logical Alternatives Poll
If responder tried to get to a slam after the slow 2N (and was right, opener was some offshape hand with like 4 clubs...), it really doesn't seem like fair pool. 99% of people would just bid 3N. I don't know why passing is being mentioned in the ...
Does an "Attitude Signal" signal "what you want/don't want" or "what you have/don't have" (or something else?)
I don't think you have to define it. Usually when dummy has Jxx, I think of it as "safe" to encourage with a doubleton, which is not the case when dummy has xxx. This is of course because declarer will usually not figure out to duck with Axx, though ...
What Suit Preference Signal Should You Give?
Others have summarized the nuances of this situation pretty well. I'll just say that next time, it's probably a better idea to just give the spots and asks which card we play, rather than using the suits as options. That takes away some level of nuance which could ...
Should partner have made 3N?
against strong opposition, the KH at trick 2 may not work. they will either shift to spades (in which case it probably will), thinking they need to cash out, or they will work out the blockage and play back hearts. They know you have at least one running minor when ...
1m - (X) - 2NT?
If you can't splinter in a major over the x, then it is almost unplayable to have to bid 2nt with a singleton in a major, at least without followups
1m - (X) - 2NT?
It's not true that you lose space if you asked how we show a good raise. Personally, I play jump shift in om is limit plus. So I lose one bid when opening 1d (3c being the limit plus bid), and gain 3 when opened 1c (2d being the ...
Meaning of 2N in this auction
when you open 1NT, and the opponents overcall 2H, you could ask the same thing Peg. There is more need for an invite opposite a wider-range it could be argued, so perhaps that is the best agreement, but at any rate, I, like many who chose lebensohl I'd guess ...
Liam Milne's bidding problem: AKQJ72 J9 T874 8
I think the right thing to do here is bid 2S and then jump to 4D over 2NT. This gets the picture of a 6-4 with slam interest across I think. Certainly if keycard is going to be bid, I prefer it is diamonds. If partner raises spades I may ...
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