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Kevin Strangway
Kevin Strangway
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Basic Information

Member Since
Dec. 8, 2017
Last Seen
May 14
Member Type
Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
In a losing team match transferring my partner into spades on my 4234 hand, having him super-accept, and somehow making it FTW!
Bridge Accomplishments
Most proud of winning the X-Flight swiss in Penticton one year.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Pratt, Gus Axen, Dwight Crouse, George Ding
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Grande Prairie Duplicate Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton regional
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Gus Axen and Kevin Strangway
2/1 with Semi-Forcing 1nt
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Is a Natural, Strong NT in "Sandwich" Position a Relic of the Past?
I play that 2d here would be sandwich and I think that it would probably be considered standard (assuming 1nt is natural as the vast majority have voted for).. x should show more values and does not promise a 5-5 hand. I'm not entirely sure what 2NT would be.
My Turn to Speak
Well MTG is generally played at brick-and-mortar retail stores. I own such a store and we dedicate about 20% of our retail space to gaming tables. I also try to teach bridge from time to time but there just isn't much interest out there.
ACBL Board of Governors mtg
I'm perfectly fine playing longer formats in harder field I just want to pay the $10 its worth and not $40.
Robots and table feel
I totally agree Michael. Good AI adapts and if you allow it access to hesitation-time data over enough millions of deals it too will learn what various hesitations mean. Realistically I can't imagine the developers would program the bots to do this.
ACBL Board of Governors mtg
I would like to see this cost $10 instead of $40 for the .5 of a masterpoint I might win for a 60% game. The cost to run it is miniscule so no need to gouge us like this.
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
Some mid-tier pros might have to actively avoid winning a national event in order to continue working in limited events with their clients.
How to bid 6!H (or 7!H if you like)
2c 2h(neg) 3nt (25-27) 4d (xfer) 5h (super accept) 5s (gotta be short spades at this point) 6h (not too crazy about the spade wastage).
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
What nonsense. It's a band-aid to make up for the ACBL's failure to put a proper rating system in place for seeding and bracketing.
Free Advice
Is lefty passed or not, what is the vul, is it MP or IMP, what is opps opening range (ie Precision 11-15?). Needs to be a way to put those all into the formula.
Transfers after 1NT - 2C - 2D?
Invitational smolen with longer hearts is easily handled by transfer to hearts and then interchange the 2s and 2nt bids. This is a complete up nothing. Muppet stayman uses this as well if you want to get used to it.

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