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Kevin Strangway
Kevin Strangway
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Basic Information

Member Since
Dec. 8, 2017
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Feb. 7
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Bridge Player

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
In a losing team match transferring my partner into spades on my 4234 hand, having him super-accept, and somehow making it FTW!
Bridge Accomplishments
Most proud of winning the X-Flight swiss in Penticton one year.
Regular Bridge Partners
Bob Pratt, Gus Axen, Dwight Crouse, George Ding
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Grande Prairie Duplicate Bridge Club
Favorite Tournaments
Penticton regional
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Silver Life Master
Gus Axen and Kevin Strangway
2/1 with Semi-Forcing 1nt
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Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
I just played a challenge match on Funbridge and Argine made a different bid for my opponent and I missed a game. Both auctions started 1H p but mine bid 1nt (bot had 3254 11-count) and for my opponent the bot bid a GF 2d. This seems very strange to ...
Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
After noticing Argine using it, I decided to look up 3rd-suit forcing. Very interesting stuff (TSAR, Bourke relay etc.). To be honest I don't think this sees much play in North America except at the very top levels but it makes so much sense.
Was this (not) funny enough?
Actually if partner bids 3h you might not lose. Partner could hold a fairly solid 5-card heart suit and some side-winners with no stopper in a suit (xx in spades perhaps?).
Is doubling after this (slight) pause Justified?
Hard to imagine anyone not bidding 3d...???
One Major – Two No trumps (The New Jacoby 2NT) Query
This must be why Argine plays that way.
Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished. This article talks about stayman and blackwood being examples of relays. I would suggest that this article is dated because those conventions do not represent the current North American use of the term relay. I have personally never heard anyone refer to a stayman ...
Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
2c is generally played as GF in 2/1. For me a 2nt rebid in a GF auction is a split-range 12-14 or 18+. Jumping to 3nt is 15-17. I think that is standard but I'm not totally sure. In N.A. standard for 1-1-1 auctions ending in 1NT ...
Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
A relay generally requires partner to bid the next suit up (unless a specific relay-break bid is in order). An asking bid does not do that. 2-level major suits as forcing allows for an exploration for the correct strain for game or slam. Removing a 2-level major to a 3-level ...
Argine's 2/1 feels unfinished.
In North America new-suit-forcing is standard. I personally would like keeping m/M (or 3c/2d) as non-forcing but it is not standard. 2NT Standard is an asking bid (not a relay). Basic: opener rebids their major with a weak hand, shows a feature (A or K) with a good ...
What happened to the Colorado Springs bridge web site?
It is definitely a useful tool for assessing if a pair you have never met before is strong enough to play teams with.

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