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No Open World Championships Until 2024?
The Bermuda Bowl should not only showcase the best teams in the world, it should also facilitate talent to emerge from those countries that wouldn't be generally regarded as powerhouses. For me, it would be pretty boring to see the BB include the US x 2, Italy, Poland, Netherlands ...
No Open World Championships Until 2024?
"My proposal would reduce Europe from 8 to 3; Americas from 6 to 3; Rest of the World from 9 to 2. NB no provision for host country." Richard, how do you propose that the "Rest of the World" selects its representative teams?
1993 Kansas City Spring NABC Appeals Committee Decisions now available online
I haven't looked at all the rulings, but the one for Case 6 is appalling.
It's good to come out on top after a misunderstanding - not so great when you don't. I think rubber players have a different mindset - Seamus had no doubt that redouble was to play.
How do you interpret 5!s?
It's true - see page 1527 para 7 from our system notes.
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: 743 7432 J AKT83
Maybe not a grand, given partner's pass of 4D, but a good slam doesn't require a game opposite and the double of 4D, along with partner's pass improves our hand.
Bill Segraves's bidding problem: 743 7432 J AKT83
4D seems fine to me and dismissing the value of the CK is premature. We could still have a good grand, e.g. opposite AKxxxxx Ax Axx x. This hand is almost worth a noise below game, if available.
What does this cue-bid mean?
I think it's consistent with e.g. AJxxxx KJx x AQx.
Seamus Browne and I had a serious misunderstanding on a similar sequence: 1D pass 1S pass 1NT pass 3NT DBL pass pass RDBL I thought that the redouble showed doubt, so I ran to 4D with xx KQxx K109xx Ax. Too bad, as Seamus held Q10xx Ax AQx Qxxx and ...
How do you interpret 5!s?
Our partnership agreement for this sequence is that it typically shows a 4-loser 8-0-4-1 shape.
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