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John Torrey's bidding problem: --- KQ982 AQJ975 Q3
Every partnership should have an understanding of the meaning of 6NT in this sequence.
Per-Ola Cullin's bidding problem: 9832 AK2 98 AKT2
We have too good a hand in the context of the auction to pass. Partner needs as little as AKxxxx xxx Axx x for a great slam.
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
The OP's sequence is fundamentally different to e.g., 1D-1H; 1S-3H, which would almost universally played as invitational.
Is this forcing? (Basic stuff)
I had a long discussion with Jeff Rubens on this sequence around twenty years ago, when I had some time to kill in Tonga. The common - but inferior, IMO - treatment is invitational. The main reasons for this, irrespective of whether we play weak jump shifts, are that a simple rebid ...
Expected shapes?
Especially since rebidding clubs would be NF in the OP's context.
Stephen Henry's bidding problem: Q7 T86 AQT76 984
I'd bid 4D if partner reopens with a double. Partner wouldn't reopen with your example, but that's a rather specific hand. Raising to 2S probably won't get us to 4S, anyway.
Expected shapes?
Responder could have, e.g., xx xx AKx AQxxxx.
ATB: Wrong red suit?
South's 3D was weird. North's 5D seems routine, although they might have bid 5C instead, which might tempt south to raise to slam with, e.g., xx Ax Axxxxx xxx. It's hard to construct a sensible auction to 4H. Maybe south responds 2D, which north raises to ...
Lin Li's bidding problem: 7432 K9 T87 AKQ2
Then, again, it often is. For some of us, bidding 2D then supporting spades shows a better hand than my example.
Lin Li's bidding problem: 7432 K9 T87 AKQ2
4S should be a wonderful spot opposite eg Jxx AQJxx Axxx x.
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