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Kiat Huang
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June 13, 2013
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March 1
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about me

I play over in England at the Farnham Bridge Club.  Been an on/off player for many years because of study/work/family commitments. Now those commitments have eased, I intend to play more regularly.  I can play ACOL, SAYC, 2/1 and at a push, EHAA!

United Kingdom

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Learning with my uncle, his daughter and my brother
Bridge Accomplishments
Winning B flight end of year tournament in London
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Forgive and forget?
David, is it ProBridge you were thinking of?
Congratulations Bridge Winners
Well done Bridge Winners!
Forgive and forget?
If an organisation isn't prepared to change itself and there is a majority of end users (top bridge players they directly serve with tournaments etc), then one option, drastic as it may be, is to form a replacement with support of their primary stakeholders, which in the case of ...
Forgive and forget?
If the situation with the WBF leadership is so unsatisfactory, can't some of the top class players and well-known personalities get together and make a joint statement, perhaps an open letter to the WBF and their NBOs to really show the strength of feeling, demands, etc? It's great ...
Forgive and forget?
Reminds me of the world cycling (UCI) presidency saga, a few years back, when the incumbent McQuaid who had presided over the Lance Armstrong debacle, failing the women's sport and its organisations own financial irregularities, largesse and non-transparency, had wanted a 3rd term and nearly got it. https://www ...
Improving vugraph
Coming back to watching Vugraph this week (World Champs in Lyon) after a 3 year haitus from bridge, it seems that not much has changed in this time. Did any of the ideas on this thread get implemented in Vugraph? anywhere else? It still stumps me how such a widely ...
English tournament entries
To Alan Frank's point above, why not rotate amongst a manageable number of locations, say 3-4 for the UK? If they are all fairly central to the UK, but not too close (keeping the historic south coast location), then you wouldn't be penalising* players unnecessarily, every year, from ...
Accurate Recording of Play
Gavin Wolpert wrote: "The purpose of this post is to find out if there is a realistic solution to add on to the current card-based game and how we might achieve it." How about using the existing barcoded playing cards with a barcode reading device, e.g. either a suitable ...
Congratulations to the Wolperts !
This excellent, short documentary "In The Cards: The Secret World of Professional Bridge" gives a good insight into Gavin Wolpert's story. His wife Jenny appears in it too. It's target audience are the general public, but as a bridge player I also found it entertaining and informative. Stuff ...
Do you watch the world championships?
I hope so. Why don't the WBF put up a survey on their website (or have BridgeWinners run one for them) to find out the views from the players they ultimately represent?

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