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Kiat Huang
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June 13, 2013
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about me

I play over in the county of Lincolnshire, England. The system is whatever my partner prefers to play: mostly multiple variants of Acol, 2/1, Precision, Blue Club and EHAA.

United Kingdom

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Learning with my uncle, his daughter and my brother
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Harrogate Swiss Teams 2019.
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Louth Duplicate, Louth Central, Alford
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Plea to BBO software developers
Looking at this from an outsider's view who plays bridge but has not developed a bridge collection system, I'd have thought a central (distrubuted) platform would be best (not necessarily BBO) which has useful APIs that can accept and output streaming bid, card & metadata from a variety of ...
Honor discards playing Lavinthal
In the OP's problem if the contract was NT and clearly declarer does not have a Heart sut, discerned from the bidding and play, then Q means I have J and solid s given the layout and play (e.g. if the T has gone or visible, I have ...
Plea to BBO software developers
Never heard of the LoveBridge system before and checking out the website and videos it looks amazing. Congratulations to the team that designed and built it. I'd love to see this system with automatic bid and card recognition, but that is not a priority. The VuGraph implementation is really ...
Plea to BBO software developers
OP, well done for opening up this topic. I'm among those very interested in "big, open data" for bridge. For the bridge community and encouragement of the younger generation who expect lots of easily accessible data: both gathering that data automatically, as widely as possible and making it freely ...
Crazy amounts of search results but the one that matches best is not on the first page
So why not change the BW search function for a Google Search box then?
Anyone else not thrilled with the "new" BBO
BBO made a good user-focused decision to retain the Flash version alongside the new HTML5. Whilst the HTML5 client does not have feature parity, its good enough to start with, allowing them to garner from users what is important to them or not. But Voice on BBO is broken, constantly ...
Bridge (WC) Streaming by V8Mama on TWITCH!
Thanks to this article I found out and just joined the v8mama's Twitch channel. This is the future of participative streaming - the Chess community already uses this platform so well.
Bridge Hand Database Sofware
The OP's original question is within a subset of a bigger one about how the worldwide bridge community can harness all the data it produces. Big data. The chess websites do a pretty good job of collating millions of games and making them searchable via their web pages. For ...
Fargo Season 3 - features competitive bridge
Thanks Shireen. I enjoyed the first 2 series more, perhaps because of the superior plots and that two of the main US actors were played by a single Brit which, for me, is a distracting device. I wonder who the bridge consultant was - they surely needed a high level one ...
Fargo Season 3 - features competitive bridge
Just started watching this and did a double take on hearing bridge Google'd and found this on bridgewinners. Not many comments - so few watching Fargo, about the best series on TV :)?

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