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Konstantinos Doxiadis
Konstantinos Doxiadis
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Jan. 26, 2011
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Dec. 4, 2019
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Bridge Player

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Eight times hellenic open champion, European Junior Champion, Silver Medalist European Open Teams Championship, National team of Greece
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Petros Roussos
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European Championship
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Steve Moese's bidding problem: K T5 A9842 K9642
If i pass it's probably coming back at 2, so if i want to show some cards without spade fit now is the time.
How to Proceed? You be the Judge
Obvisously not playing the J at trick 1 is a misplay. The line adopted is definitely against the odds, however accusing someone from cheating because they got lucky on a wrong line is ridiculous
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: KQT9 85 AT872 A4
Just analyzing the problem without the "Assuming we play an Equal-Level-Conversion style of Takeout Doubles" part. Ofcourse if you play equal level conversion this is textbook double and the hand probably wouldn't be here.
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: KQT9 85 AT872 A4
I think 90% of these decisions are state of the game decisions. The room will certainly bid double. 2 is a reasonable gamble if you want to create a swing.
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: KQT9 85 AT872 A4
NV vs VUL, opps are likely to compete to 3. I would like a spade lead, the competitive value of the hand is in spades plus the Ax makes me think that 2 is a reasonable bid. Pairs is a different game...
Nikos Delimpaltadakis's bidding problem: Jxx AKxx xx J9xx
It looks really close but I think J9xx is deceiving. With xxxx there wouldn't be a discussion. 2 looks like the percentage bid, if we miss a game so be it.
Christina Syrakopoulou's bidding problem: K5 T64 AKJ75 AQJ
It depends if partner can bid 2NT as a natural bid when i am reopening. If 2NT is conventional i would pass.
Dan Wolkowitz's bidding problem: A AKxx AKx AKQxx
Just doing the math: P has J and 10 ---> 12/90 --> slam makes 99% --> 0.132 P has J not 10 ---> 24/90 --> slam makes 84% --> 0.224 P has 10 not J ---> 24/90 --> slam makes 51% --> 0.136 P not J not 10 ---> 30/90 --> slam makes 36 ...
Konstantinos Doxiadis's bidding problem: KQJ86 x 87xx Kxx
I agree, but opening in level 2 instead of 1 will save you from many unconfortable negative doubles or a 2 bid by partner. If you want your partner to be careful about competing, 2 should be your choice. Otherwise 2 is more tactical because you ...
Nikos Delimpaltadakis's bidding problem: ATxx 9 xxx AT97x
Seriously, i don't understand this problem. I would like to hear the back story :p

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