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Krzysztof Martens
Krzysztof Martens
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Jan. 22, 2014
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June 2
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Apportion the Blame
Michael - I'm humble and that's why I prefer to play 1 instead of 2. If we have a game, the partner will bid after 1 spade. Randy -The time when a hopeless contract were commonly carried out has gone forever.
Apportion the Blame
Kit presented his opinion and no one paid attention to her. If doubler has 12-14 PC with 3 cards in spades. I want to play 1 spade. Score 80 is very nice.
The Greatest Play
The problem is defense, not dummy play.
The Greatest Play
Michael. It is a story about natural instinct. LHO holding AJx in spades instinctively will not want to give you easy entry. In the second trick he changes to a minor. Without spade J he will continue hearts.
How do you interpret this double?
May I repeat. I have agreement - double = weak take out. I play 40 years high level bridge. Never happend in my career penalty double in this type of sequence. It means - next opportunity for penalty double = 2060
How do you interpret this double?
Depends on how much I have diamonds. If I play first time with partner: If I have void - double is penalty If I have 3-4 diamonds - double is take out. If I have 1-2 diamonds - I should have to guess. It is my first bid in competitive. Professional pair must ...
Congrats to Klukowski & Gawrys
World class bridge - I agree. Good luck in next tournament.
BLASS Wins Soloway
Nice game. Congrats for Jozio.
The Extra Level
Ronald. Space is the key in competitive bidding. Look what probably happend after "correct" 2H bid. 1C pass 1S 2H 3D pass 3NT... They score+600. Now South bid 3S - to stop in this contract ( if it was support double)
What's 4NT?
Hi Richard and Ronald. My full structure: 3any 3NT pass ? 4C - double transfer for hearts 4D - double transfer for spades 4H - double transfer for clubs 4S - double transfer for diamonds One of transfer is for oponents suit = it is invitation with 4441 or any 5431 with shortness (may be void ...

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