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Another Question for Mathematicians--well...Statisticians
I can repeat my calculations for 26 cards (2 hands) instead of 13 cards (1 hand). This gives Var(X) = 16/17 and Cov(X,Y) = -4/51, which for both is an increase by the factor 4/3. Thus, the result sqrt(1160/51) is obtained. Does Helene have ...
Another Question for Mathematicians--well...Statisticians
The honor card distribution is a multivariate hypergeometric distribution. The following expressions follow from formulas for that distribution (see, e.g., Wikipedia). The variance of the number of honor cards of a given rank X (J, Q, K or A) is Var(X) = 12/17. There is a negative correlation ...
Question for Mathematicians
Good guess.
Question for Mathematicians
To obtain my results, I have used Frederick Frost's "bridge odds complete" from 1971. It is known to contain some errors, but hopefully not in the figures I have used. The result depends on what honor cards your 7 HCP contains. AK gives a different result than QQQJ. For ... is time to consider an electronic Bridge Bulletin & Daily Bulletin?
ACBL already applies this to "foreign" addresses. If you want the printed issue, you have to pay extra. I don't, so I only have access to the on-line version. Addition. "I don't" refers to "pay extra", I would like to have the printed version.
Google Knows Bridge
Around 1975 I wanted to generate deals for bidding practice during the forthcoming summer. I had access to a Honeywell H-316 computer with 16K of memory which could be programmed in FORTRAN using punched tape. The problem was that I didn't have a random number generator, but then I ...
Zia would know what to do
Yes, that's the main advantage of trying the drop when spades are 4-4. When they are 5-3, the entry is not needed for a heart finesse.
Zia would know what to do
That I did above: "I think we can assume leader to have one of the distributions 4=4=4=1, 4=4=3=2, 4=4=2=3, 4=3=4=2, 4=3=3=3, 4=2=4=3. A priori, they occur in the ratios 15 : 30 : 18 ...
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Yes, that adds C(5,1)xC13,7) hands for the finesse, which changes the ratio to 8:5 in favor of the drop. Playing A, four clubs, then spades also preserves some minor squeeze possibilities. Edit: Jxx also has to be added, which makes the ratio 8:9 in ...
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After the hearts, I think there are about C(6,3)xC(13,6) hands with spades 3-3 and about C(5,3)xC(13,5) hands with East having Jxxx. That's a ratio 8:3 in favor of the drop.
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