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Kurt Zhang
Kurt Zhang
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June 22, 2013
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about me

Bridge is like the world, full of uncertainty. Maybe this is why I am so fascinated about it. Thanks BW and all my partners and opponents, I am still learning and making progresses steadily. Besides bridge, I try to understand the mathematical nature of life. I don't know which is more difficult, but am sure both requires a lifetime of exploration. 

United States of America

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A number of regional and sectional wins. Look forward to playing in more NABC events.
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Can You Outplay Zia?
David, West led from an unbid long suit. Yes, his opening lead was a restricted choice. But what's wrong to treat all clubs as known unless defense is false-carding?
Slam or Grand?
No agreement on 5D-5H. Partner knows my 5D is not for K asking. He will read it as "P do you have any further feature useful for a grand slam?" What feature is so important to show at 5-level if it's not shortness?
Slam or Grand?
Yes, opener may have only 5 spades. I had thought 6 was default if there was no further shape information. I like the 6 treatment, though I have a tiny fear. Partner knows I am not asking for the Q, so he knows I am asking for doubleton ...
ATB: missed slam
It's new partnership, no discussion about 3D. From North's point of view, a heart game is out of question, the only question is whether there is a heart slam. 3H is not forcing. Between 3C and 3D, 3D serves a good help suit which might help partner in ...
What's your line?
You didn't say what clubs they played. I would win the diamond in dummy, what card N plays? The general plan is a club to hand, 3 rounds of spades and discarding 3 hearts in dummy. Depending on what they return, my chance is either make 4 spades, 2 ...
What's your line?
A, K, Q, to K, what happens?
Play 6NT
If I can trust the opening lead showed 4+ spades, I would cash 3 rounds of spades and lead a heart to J. It it is lost, any card East returns would give me a trick. I will then explore the distributions of hearts and clubs before deciding how to ...
Equal Honors
"You could shift to a club, but if declarer has the ♣9 and reads the position that could let him make a no-play contract." I might miss something, but my thought was to lead the 10.
Board 2 of GNT Final
Board 2 of GNT Final
I think the problem comes from leading the K. My intuitive thought is to lead one of low clubs so that I always have two club entries in dummy. If West covers the Ace, the play is the same. If he ducks, cash one spade and then lead a heart ...

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