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Kyle Rockoff
Kyle Rockoff
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Jan. 7, 2016
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Bridge Player
about me

Head of Northwestern University's Bridge program! Class of 2019, Majoring in Math and Psychology, with a side focus in Game Theory/Economics.

Obsessed with anything bridge-- but particularly with discussion of systems and auction dynamics.


USBF Junior Program

District 13, Board of Governors

United States of America

Bridge Information

Bridge Accomplishments
District 13 Mini-McKenney Masterpoint Race Winner (2016, 2017), 3rd in ACBL Collegiate Bridgebowl (2016), Flight C NAP District 13 Champ (2016), Flight C GNT District 13 Champ (2017), BBO Master with various Top 50's in BBO Dailylong Tournaments, a several respectable open events 1-3rds at IL sectionals, regionals, nationals.
Regular Bridge Partners
Philip McPeek, Luke Robison, Mark Stein, Ilan Wolff
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Northwestern DBC (Owner), Reluctant Redoubler, USBF Jr Program
Favorite Tournaments
Summer NABC, IL Regionals and Sectionals
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Ilan 2/1 Card
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Northwestern Standard Basic
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Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: --- AKJ93 KQ93 KQJ3
Good catch, can't edit the problem anymore (After 3, should be abstain 7). I think the consensus is opening 2 is a distortion, and the hand is worth a slam try, so guess it's not that big a deal.
ACBL Big Ideas - Augmenting Rank/Point Structure
I like ideas 1) and 2) a lot actually. Also think some sort of Elo or recognized/improved version of the power-ratings ( would be good too. Honestly any one of these would be a good start to improving the system.
Noah Weiss's bidding problem: KQJ62 KQJT --- KQJT
I'm for 4. Has to be a cuebid-- with a real suit and a misfit you'd bid 3NT at this point. Partner with a useful Ace and not that much wastage in s should be able to bypass 4s.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: AT42 A975 AQT T9
Michael Xu's bidding problem: AQJ3 K9xxx Ax Ax
Yeah. 2 may be an appropriate underbid if your points were actually in the heart suit, but it's not. Your tricks could easily be coming from a 5+ card minor in partner's hand. Don't want to end up in a yucky 5-2 heart split with no ...
Michael Xu's bidding problem: AQJ3 K9xxx Ax Ax
After bidding 1NT, and a 2 transfer, I'd jump to 4. Highly likely the K of s is onside so game feels better than 38% across most minimums (anything from Axxxx of hearts and a bust, any hand with a singleton spade, any hand with a King ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: 75 AKQJ76 732 Q2
It doesn't particularly matter (I was playing this with GIB bots-- I think they tend to conserve room and either cuebid or bid 3 with a serious slam try, and just jump to 4 with a mild?) Was more interested when I posted this about early hand ...
ATB - Both hoping for better hands
South only has a 17 count. Partner limits his hand by giving weak preference to diamonds over 2 at his second bid. South makes a NF game INVITE (reasonable-ish, but a lie with only 3 spades instead of the usual 4, but south has a good hand). North accepts ...
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: A T93 KJ6 AKT983
No Alert, so presumably natural unless there is mis-information occuring.
Nathan Finkle's bidding problem: AKQT932 KQJ53 --- T
In one of my regular partnerships I play a 4NT opening as a specific Ace ask— I think I finally found a time to use it :) (lol it’s never come up ever). In standard though there are basically zero methods here. I mean you’re two tricks off game ...

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