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Lak Lakshmanan
Lak Lakshmanan
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Member Since
Oct. 17, 2011
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March 23
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Bridge Player
about me

My bridge blog:

United States of America

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Regular Bridge Partners
Joe Veal, Aaron Mohrman, Eric Sieg
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Norman Bridge Club
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ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Vanilla 2/1 with new partners
2/1 with Jacoby/Texas transfers; forcing NT; weak jumps
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Precision + Mini-NT; mostly natural
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Joe Veal
2/1; 4suit txf; forcing NT by unpassed hand; Robson-Segal in competition; 2!h -ve
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Aaron + Lak
2/1; 4suit txf; semi-forcing NT; Kokish game tries; fit-showing jumps always
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Eric + Lak 2/1
2/1 with 4-suit transfers; semi-forcing NT; fit jumps in comp; UDCA
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Eric+Lak Precision
Precision with +ve transfers; semi-forcing NT; fit-jumps; UDCA
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True North American Championships Coming
Every odd numbered year that includes the first day of the fourth month, you mean.
FIFTY Thai Police Raid Bridge Game in Pattaya
trumped up charges
Larry Cohen starts series of articles on bridge ethics
He says in the article that with marginal values, you should bend backwards to pass. You are focusing on the definition of marginal, he's focusing on the action you should take, but you are both saying the same thing.
Larry Cohen starts series of articles on bridge ethics
Boye started the work to clean bridge at the expert level, and Larry has started the work to clean bridge at the beginner/intermediate level. Both are important to clean up bridge.
Your worst mistake
What amateurs you all are in the realm of making mistakes! I write a blog where I blog my disasters and I have absolutely no problem finding something to write about after every club game or tournament session. I'm up to 199 posts now.
The Videos Speak: Fantoni-Nunes
On board 16 of Monaco-Russia, the lead starts out horizontal. Then, it gets "corrected" to vertical. Ugh. I hope Boye is right and this cleansing makes the game better. Right now, all I have is a bad taste in my mouth. The beautiful game isn't beautiful any more.
Ian McEwan and Restricted Choice
Ercan, keep reading. What you have quoted is the first version of the vignette. A chapter or so later, a mathematician character points out the error in his first version -- because the Indian couple could not have been magically transported to the missing room, this is not a good example ...
Ian McEwan and Restricted Choice
Yes, Ian McEwan explains the Monty Hall problem when setting up the vignette. But I really liked the take on it with the jealous husband, the social engineering aspect of blocking one of the doors, and the two maids who take on the role of Monty in knowing which door ...
Dealer Advantage (if any); Richard Pavlicek
I loved this comment: "The number of boards with each vulnerability condition should be equal (or approximately so) in fair contests. The large disparity between Dealer NV and Dealer Vul (860 results) is caused by inept organization of the U.S. Bridge Championship, repeatedly playing Boards 1-60 (omitting 61-64) which ...
Lak Lakshmanan's bidding problem: 5 98765 QT65 876
Unanimous! I was South on this deal, and doubled. The winning action on this board was to pass. Partner with 4-4 in the majors would have doubled for takeout, and we find our 5-4 fit in hearts and a heart game. 3Cx was down only 3. A 4 imp difference.

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