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Larry Cohen
Larry Cohen
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Aug. 19, 2010
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Writer
about me

Professional Bridge writer and teacher and ex-player.

Not-professional golfer.

United States of America

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Representing U.S. in Ireland against Europe
Bridge Accomplishments
25 National Titles including 4 Blue Ribbon Pairs
Regular Bridge Partners
Marty Bergen, David Berkowitz
Favorite Tournaments
6-Session NABC Pair Games
Favorite Conventions
Anything useful that is not accident-prone or memory-intensive
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
1 Diamond - 2 Clubs in 2/1
My strong opinion on this subject: This is based on 30+ years of experience with it -- I am pretty sure it is the right way to go for players of any level.
A Junior's Perspective on Promoting Bridge
I just want to add my name to the STRONG support of "play first." Bidding much (much, much) later. Jeff -- I would have been OK if bidding started on page 199. :) I am continually disappointed (and Patty Tucker knows) by the "Learn Bridge in a Day" program which has so ...
the most volatile board ever?
I made have to add it to my list: :)
ACBL Search Committee Up and Rolling
Peg, First time I ever remember disagreeing with you. :) I think a high level of bridge experience/expertise is a drawback (for teachers, administrators, CEO's, etc.). "Experts" are bad at understanding the issues of the "masses/newbies." Experienced players can't remember and relate to what most of ACBL ...
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
Yes. At some point it said that somewhere in our summary. I'll see if we can get it back in.
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
Hi Gil, Typically, 1-3 or 1-3 is 4+ cards. I would rarely do it with 3 (if I couldn't stand the thought of partner passing 1NT with a 5-3-3-2 minimum).
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
PH = Passed Hand UPH = Unpassed Hand Sorry for the abbreviations/terms that aren't universally understood (usually, I am more careful in my writing/explanations).
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
Feel free to use the original that we posted 2 weeks ago. We thought this way would be simpler.
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
In bridge context, a "punt" means basically "nothing -- I am kicking the ball back to you partner." It isn't natural, isn't stopper showing, isn't stopper asking, isn't anything other than: "For now, I am not sure what to do."
BW 2/1 GF: Final Conclusions
Hi Kit -- This alternative came up in some of the earlier threads on this, but didn't get much support.

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