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Larry Lowell
Larry Lowell
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Basic Information

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June 21, 2010
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41 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
about me

District 7, Unit 165, East Tennessee.

Retired Chemical Engineer.

I have most system books in English and a few in Italian and French.

Ultra Club Relay:

2019: Playing Precision-like system with Steve Moese.  :)

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing in the Vanderbilt 2002 in Houston and meeting Kathi Wei. Standing in front of Benito Garozzo in Chicago (2015).
Bridge Accomplishments
NAOP-C Winner TX 1998, Winning 3 KOs @ Atlanta Regional 2005, 89 GMP; 1st in Educational Pairs - Virginia Beach 2010 Regional, 67%; ACBL Goodwill Award, Unit 165, 2014. Winning 2015 Knoxville Summer Sectional with 41 SMP. 78% game in 2017 playing 2/1 in 5 table game.
Regular Bridge Partners
Dwayne Hoffman - Keylime BLM, Robin Kell GLM, Robert Levedsque SLM, Naida Lamb, DLM
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Knoxville Area Bridge Clubs (Director of Thur AM), Oak Ridge Bridge Association (Teacher)
Favorite Tournaments
Gatlinburg, TN Regional
Favorite Conventions
Strong Club and Canape with 4-cd Majors, 2016: Mosca Club with canape.
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sapphire Life Master
Mosca Strong Club
Strong Club with Canape
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy of Precision - Lowell/Donner
Precision Club - with transfers
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy of Larry and Steve
Mosca Club, Canape
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy of 2/1 Stephi
2 over 1
Copy to my cards View/Print
2/1 Jerry - Larry
2 over 1
Copy to my cards View/Print
Pratt Precision
Jeff Pratt = Larry Lowell
Copy to my cards View/Print
Copy of Larry Lowell + Steve Moese
Transfer Precision
Copy to my cards View/Print
YBTJ-spade game missed?
I had the west hand today: 2 - 2NT - 3 (No feature = min) - 4 ( I really like my hand & ignoring Mel's rule of 17 - counting tricks 5 + 2 + 3) 7 out of 8 matchpoints (I expected a better suit) 5 out of 9 ...
A "strong" 2C ruling in SB's favour
A freak hand, open 4NT (Specific Aces or Schenken 2 asking for specific aces). Would south overcall 4NT? Would North call the director?
ACBL Live for Clubs posting problem
I have a different problem posting to ACBLive. A team event won't post because one team had 6 members with 2 sit-outs. The software is only programed for 1 sit-out.
...and it all went horribly wrong...
1 - 2NT (Semi-solid or better) - 3 (Beta) - 3 (2 Controls) - 7 - - -
What's a "Comparable Call"?
I had a Director refresher course at Gatlinburg in 2018 and that same statement was made. I have since discovered that it is not 100% correct, there are situations where X or XX can be a comparable call, although rare and depending on the player's usage.
What's the thickest part of your system notes?
An additional 10 pages on interference.
An exhortation. - Just open the %$^&^% bidding!!!
The 1964 Encyclopedia of Bridge and the 1969 3rd edition of The Nottingham System of Contract Bridge both show only 16-21 hcp for the 1 opening. However, in the original 1954 edition, Margery Burns states in the Introduction: "This System, a development of the Vanderbilt Club and originally a ...
What's the thickest part of your system notes?
Responses and follow-ons to a forcing 1 opening: 20 pages out of 70.
Does Meckwell ever sleep on the couch?
Interesting. Playing one of my strong club systems (C3: Copious Canape Club) with transfer positives and asking bids: 1 - 1NT (G.F. = majors or any 5-5, 8+ hcp) - 2 (relay) - 3 (5-5 majors) - 3 (Beta setting s as trumps) - 4 (4 controls = 2 Aces, king ...
Knoxville Fall Sectional Pro-Am draws 51 tables
Final table count was 437, up 28 tables, 7% increase from 2018.

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