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Larry Robbins
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March 23, 2015
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about me

I still love to play, altho I do worry about the future of our game; I am a neurologist, with a headache center just North of Chicago, and avid hockey player.....

I have won a # of national team titles, including the Trials in 1996(represented the US in Rhodes that year).....

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Do I need a Neurologist?
There is: 1. normal aging 2. Mild Cognitive Impairment(MCI) 3. Dementia. Your situation comes under normal aging; for one, the majority of people with MCI or dementia do not recognize it as a problem, it has to be pointed out. There is some utility in identifying early memory problems ...
Bridge and the Environment
Transportation accounts for about 20% of global warming; airline travel is 2.5% of the total, with cars/trucks about 15% or a bit more....airline travel is increasing, as a percentage. they are looking into biofuels. However: if we all stay home, we use the internet and TV more ...
When you play xyz
Same except I would play the first sequence, 1 spade, as forcing, could be strong....
Greedy B*st*rd in the Poker World
Very interesting; the casino is being accused of promoting the accused player, while downplaying the accusations; I think there are lessons to be learned from the casino's behavior....(it certainly seems to have increased their legal liabilities....).....
The Bridgeoscope, an invention from 1932 era
awesome.....and it originated in Rockford, Ill. at a theatre........
ATB - Goulash hand went wrong
The first X is ok, you can argue either way. The second X: should bid 4 clubs, need to find the right strain. 6 diamonds is silly: no possible bids between the 3 and 6 levels?
Stimulants Probably Do Not Improve Bridge Performance
COCAINE has several uses in medicine; it used to be used for very difficult to treat cluster headaches(I wrote about this in one of my books on managing headaches, written for doctors(early and mid 90's); and also by ENT in the office for local anesthesia. Doctors cannot ...
Stimulants Probably Do Not Improve Bridge Performance
Yes, this was in young folks; one can always criticize a study(and I do) on various grounds(not powered enough for efficacy, or length of time, cherry picked patients, etc..) but, stepping back, I think the way to assess any one study like this is: this study is one ...
Stimulants Probably Do Not Improve Bridge Performance
yes this is the reference itself... AND caffeine: caffeine is a short-acting stimulant; the problem is, one goes up quickly from caffeine, and then comes down just as fast; and this may leave you with less attention and cognitive abilities than prior ...
What is 5NT on this sequence?
Pick a slam usually "trumps" GSF, unless obviously GSF; here, I do think pick a slam is pretty unlikely, and with a void GSF may be the only way to logically bid a club slam(Void AKxxxx A Kxxxxx)

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