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Larry Robbins
Larry Robbins
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March 23, 2015
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Nov. 14
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about me

I still love to play, altho I do worry about the future of our game; I am a neurologist, with a headache center just North of Chicago, and avid hockey player.....

I have won a # of national team titles, including the Trials in 1996(represented the US in Rhodes that year).....

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Robins Nest
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A Dutch Disaster - plan the play
I usually assume reasonable defense; I ruff a diamond and lead a club; it just seems silly to not take this trick when you can......
What's your bidding plan?
Back in my rubber bridge days of the 1970's-early 80's, we commonly referred to a mediocre, or worse, player as a Patzer...since it was never a written word, I was always unsure of how to spell it.....
4NT Over a 4 Spade Pre-empt
Partner may well have 5-6 in the reds; I have one point in his suits;and only 3 hearts; I am not eager to go slamming with this hand.....What a difference with a 4th heart.....
Carding with doubleton
If there are 10 outstanding, and we have the highest, partner will know it is a stiff; If we play random cards here(which is the alternative to count; attitude is not viable), partner can never tell anything.....
The best bridge book for beginners
It was such a terrific book, if it was(somehow) updated it would be very good for beginners.
Videos from Atlanta NABC
Haha.....I went and ordered new hair.........
Squeeze for 1400
2clubs is not the worst idea in the world, but it ranks up there..with 4 crummy spades, and 6 good hearts, why in the world??..sure, maybe partner has 4 or 5 spades and a x in hearts, but.....this result is more likely....... 2clubs for majors would make ...
Brilliant bid by Polish youngster
I would have cue bid 4H over 4D
Gazzilli advice?
Playing a complex form of Gazzilli, you can describe most hands; this one, you will have to lie one way or another(as with most bidding problems, what "least misdescribes this hand"....BUT: 1. There are TANGIBLE negatives to Gazilli: (for instance, opener cannot rebid 2 clubs NF natural,)...and ...
PhD Funding for the Sociology of Bridge
this is a tremendous project..congratulations.....

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