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Larry Robbins
Larry Robbins
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March 23, 2015
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about me

I still love to play, altho I do worry about the future of our game; I am a neurologist, with a headache center just North of Chicago, and avid hockey player.....

I have won a # of national team titles, including the Trials in 1996(represented the US in Rhodes that year).....

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Robins Nest
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What is the purpose of attitude signaling?
Defense is difficult; keeping it simple is best. Even Smith echo has complications(some of which are not easily apparent: several downsides: it slows down play(sometimes leading to "Smith Echo Hesitations" that bring up possibilities of UI), and Smith adds a layer of complexity to our thought processes, which ...
Chess Cheating Scandal
It is possible, despite his confession, that this saga is not finished; maybe he will get a lawyer and then.......
Poker and Computers/AI
AI and artificial neural systems have come very far but the human brain is many times more intricate and complex than these are.....when we venture into psychological intricacies even the most advanced artificial neural networks are not adequate........
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
It is complicated and multifactorial; Our changing culture will affect not only bridge but many activities that take quite a bit of time(golf, for instance). Certainly the primary culprit is all of the other wonderful entertainment options(100 great channels on TV, including incredibly great programming; video games; twitter ...
High level competitive auction- What went wrong?
4H is ridiculous; the only question is what N should bid over 2 spades.....I like bidding my diamonds here; the alternative of cue bidding forces game, which is questionable....
Oren, I am not sure there ARE rules for capitalization after spelling something backwards....
I wrote a convention (in the Bridge World): Robins Nest: 3NT=6+ spades and 5+ another suit, 5 losers at most(AQJxxx x x KQ109x); We have bids over this(4c asks 2nd suit; 4d=RCKB in spades etc); and a 4c opening=6+H, and 5+clubs, strong; 4d ...
Soft Question on Bridge vs Chess vs Backgammon
How about the opposite; how long before one can tell a player is world class in bridge, chess, or backgammon?? AND, lets add poker.......
The Board where Everything went Wrong...
This, of course, is bridge; similar to when you have 2 or 3 bad hands in a row; the trick is: how do you put it behind you, concentrate fiercely on the next hand, and not start squabbling with your partner: that takes years, and many players never get there ...
Hanoi Rondón's bidding problem: AJxxx AQ7xxx x x
this argument goes way back; "is a decent 11 or 12 count, 5-6, worth a reverse??"

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